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Simple Steps to Staying Healthy at the Office

written by Guest Blogger July 18, 2011

With today’s Information Age, most of us have become knowledge workers – which means a lot of time on our heinies in front of a computer. Thankfully, we have guest bloggers like Jakob Barry to give us a few tips in how to combat the negative health effects of working in an office.

Staying healthy in the office can be a complicated matter since the first priority is the job; not focusing on the state of your physical existence. However, taking the body for granted during a regular eight hour-a-day shift can eventually lead to poor performance and real suffering.

That’s why it’s important to try and lighten the load by integrating a number of relief oriented exercises into the schedule so the body can do its part in contributing inspiration for creativity, excellent concentration and success in turning thought into reality.

Doing so doesn’t mean you won’t be tired after a long day but it’s safe to say when the body is stress-free it’s no longer a burden on the mind and the sky’s the limit. So with much ado, here are a few tips on how to keep the body happy and let it give you strength to do it all again tomorrow:

  • Breathing: It’s no coincidence that many sicknesses come from bad air so it’s important that heating and air conditioning filters are cleaned regularly. Also, if there are windows with screens to the outside the screens should be washed down on occasion, as dust often settles on the tiny metal fibers and gets blown indoors with the breeze.
  • Cleanliness: Prevent dust and other allergies that can turn into more serious conditions by keeping the local environment clean and orderly.
  • Sitting: One of the most common drawbacks of even the best desk job is usually the chair. Make sure it’s adjusted well and that you’re not slouched down with your head almost eye level with the desk. That would certainly create some unwanted back trouble. Also, know there are some easy yoga postures that can release stiffness from sitting hour after hour.
  • Standing: It’s important to stand every so often and do stretches to straighten out and awaken inactive muscles. That way when you sit down again your posture, which may have gone by the wayside in the midst of your work, is renewed. Some quick yoga moves can also come in handy here too!
  • Office walk: Being stationary for long periods of time is an issue. During one of those standing breaks go for a walk around the office. This will get the blood flowing; a precursor to freshening up the mind for a new round of thinking.
  • Outdoor walk: If possible, take a few minutes of your break and go for a walk outside on a street not snarled with cars, smog or congestion. The change of scenery and fresh air is also a good place to do some stretches and catch a few rays of sun.
  • Drinking, eating properly: There isn’t enough that can be said about how one eats and drinks and it’s relation to health and job performance. And then there’s the fact most of us don’t have very active occupations which means there may be a lot of calories being consumed but not a lot being burned. It’s important to learn about the products you eat and drink and how much your body can take before it begins to work against you. This is one of those places where honesty is the best policy because you are the only one that can truly make such decisions and institute them with confidence.
  • Exercise: Riding a bike or walking to work are great ways to counter the effects of being indoors all day. At the very least use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

About the Author

Jakob Barry writes for Networx.com, a growing community of homeowners and contractors sharing and monitoring home improvement projects together. He covers various home improvement topics including eco-friendly cleaners and commercial cleaning services.

Thanks for sharing these great tips with us, Jakob. To add to drinking, eating properly tip, what I’ve done in the past (and I’m doing once again) is make sure to have a healthy lunch and snacks at work to avoid munching on junk food. Do you have a healthy tip for the office to share?

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