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Rollin’ With the Punches

written by Head Health Nutter November 9, 2011

“You, me or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But ain’t about how hard you hit… It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward… how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you worth, go out and get what you worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits.” Rocky Balboa.

If you subscribe to Live Lighter, you’ll know I haven’t posted in over a week. That’s highly unusual for me but it was unavoidable; life hit me with another punch: my computer blew up last week! I’ve been managing my feelings of frustration of being unable to blog, check email and the general upheaval of my life on my computer, taking it in to be fixed while also facing the loss of many important files.

It’s actually funny timing because I was finally starting to feel settled in my fabulous new apartment (and new life following my breakup – read How to Overcome Adversity and Attract What You Want) and after conquering many obstacles (more on this in my upcoming review on a new energy healing technique). I was preparing to get back into my healthy routine since I lost it in the move (along with my favourite appliance, my Oster blender) on October 1st.

The Universe definitely has a sense of humour. The week prior to my hard drive breakdown, even though life’s been really good, I found myself focusing on the past and lamenting on what I’ve lost. I know most of these negative thoughts and feelings are because I’ve been neglecting self-care again… “I just need to unpack a few more boxes and then I’ll feel settled enough to regain my healthy routine,” I’ve been telling myself.

Immediately following the breakup while I was in shock, it was clear to me that what I needed most was self-care to manage the life event, my stress surrounding all the necessary and subsequent changes, and to create a life solely focused on my own happiness (read My Spiritual-Kick-In-the-Ass Saved My Life). And it was easy!

For the rest of the summer (2 months) while I worked and saved money to fund my new life, search for a decent apartment within my budget and pack, my healthy routine gave me a more positive outlook as well as the energy and clarity to do what I needed and wanted to do. It was actually an amazing, happy time (for the most part), because I was taking care of all of my needs first before thinking of what others needed/wanted from me.

It’s going on 5 weeks now where getting settled into my new pad and a new part-time serving gig has taken priority over my physical wellness. Unfortunately, this neglect is beginning to wear on my mental and emotional well-being. I believe that since I’ve been allowing sadness and loss to permeate my thoughts and feelings, the Universe stepped in once again to smarten me up.

Yes, that’s right, I believe I helped manifest this computer breakdown because I haven’t been focusing on all the blessings that have come along with this new life! I’ve gained SO much to be thankful for during this life transition. The people around me recognize this and they’ve not only been pointing out all this goodness to me but also feel it necessary to remind me that I achieved it because of who I really am.

(It’s interesting how people can sense when your self-esteem has taken a beating or when you don’t recognize your own value. Thank you to all the wonderful angels in my life right now who take the time to share with me what you see when you look at me, the real me, both my current strengths as well as my potential!)

Actually, I’m quite proud of how I’ve handled this latest bump in the road and I continue to surprise myself with my mental fortitude (even though I know with a healthier routine NOTHING can ruffle my feathers – I’ve experienced firsthand this superhuman emotional and mental strength). Bring it on!

Although I struggled a bit when it first happened, I quickly managed my thoughts and emotions. I accepted the situation and potential loss, and accessed the knowledge within me that I have what it takes to deal with whatever the consequences turned out to be. And, that dear Readers, is the positive thinking/knowing which I believe helped create a more positive outcome: my Techno Hero gave me hope I could retrieve all my files!

So, what now? I’m working on regaining my healthy routine once again because I know that’s what gives me strength and a limitless perspective. At the same time I’ve got several options to retrieve my lost files and there’s a ton of work to be done on my computer to get it back to the way it was with all my necessary programs and preferred configurations. Of course, this is on top of work, fun and other responsibilities…

I hope you’ll have patience and understanding (posting will probably be sporadic) while I overcome this latest obstacle. I have a whack of guest posts (they were among the lost files but I may still be able to hunt them down in email saved on my server) and I’m still working on Live Lighter’s redesign.

Have you ever realized that you helped create a not-so-fun event in your life?

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman November 11, 2011 at 10:52 pm

Steph, keep moving forward! You have what it takes to move through all this crap you are in. I believe in you and I am so sure your readers are too!

I’m cheering you on and so is Rocky Balboa!!!!!


Dee November 23, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Yes I sure do feel for all the hits you have had to take this year Stephanie!! And I am cheering right along with Rocky, Emmanul & your readers!

In fact, the time lag of my comment is due to one of my own frustrating challenges … arrrrrrgh, screeeeech, yelp! That’s me going thru exactly the same ‘puter problems at about the exact time YOU did my friend!!!

Apparently “Fritz” (my laptop) is officially a dinosaur (6 yrs of age) & running sooo s-l-o-w for sooo long, that I was advised to take him to have his software cleaned. I was feeling quite desperate and not using my best judgment when I finally took action, despite the cost estimate being doubled & having to sign a disclaimer before they would touch my software. Still, they promised that ALL files would be saved & it would be done by the end of the day. I felt regret as soon as I walked out of the store & my antenna went haywire when all my calls went unanswered for 7 hours. Not a good sign.

So no surprise when I returned for my old friend ~ who was nowhere near being ready, I soon discovered that all my files had been corrupted on the new thumb drive I provided for the back up! The technician told me there was nothing more he could do. Oh really. So I left in disgust with Fred & immediately asked M/C to reverse the charge from Tech Source, They told me that some written proof from yet another computer “expert” was required to do so. This left me feeling very betrayed, lost in cyber-siberia & angrier than I was with Fritz in the first place, badly let down by two corporations.

Did I unconsciously bring all of this frustration upon myself, despite doing everything right to protect my files, cleaning up malware, spyware, adware on a daily basis? Well, reading this blog (with which I can totally relate) I am now pondering if it’s possible. And if so, what are the positives and/or lessons to be learned?

I now realize how dependent on technology many of us have become, how careful we “customers” have to be with this industry, the importance of trusting one’s “instincts”, the ongoing education, due diligence, having a “back up” plan and even being grateful for the “negative” life lessons ~ of which there are many ~ while not giving anyone or anything the opportunity to destroy our inner peace. All we CAN control is ourselves & how we deal with our own feelings & actions. (right?)

With apologies for rambling…. here’s what I have decided to do (or un-do) I will no longer be held at the mercy of incompetent service people who are uncaring or unscupulous about customer service. I shall turn this unfortunate circumstance around by empowering myself despite the sacrifice and costs. I will learn from this and NOT repeat these mistakes. It will be a “fresh start” with a new computer with less risk from hackers, phishers & other rotten apples to find a better replacement from the nearest Apple store. Thanks Steph ~ I sincerely wish only good luck and much wisdom upon you too! 😀

Head Health Nutter December 1, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Oh, wow, Dee. What synchronicity! I am so very sorry to hear this story of yours, including your pain and frustration. I hear you, Girl! It’s been a month and I’m still recovering lost files and putting humpty dumpty back together again.

You’re so right, too, about our dependency on technology AND how these setbacks can often remind us not to sweat the small stuff. Even things that seem important at the time aren’t when we have a clear perspective on what really IS important – like people, how we behave in the world and what we do to improve our lives as well as others.

Like how you’ve gone to Apple to prevent another such incident, and shared your brilliant solution with us! Thank YOU, Dee, and I wish you much happiness with your new ‘puter friend.

What’s his/her name, by the way? 🙂

Genie @ Healthy Living Now November 30, 2011 at 1:12 pm

When life knocks us down we have to get up and bounce right back. We have a choice, and sometimes it is not easy, but we can lay down and die or get up and live.

Like me, and many of us, you have been through some rough times, and you have chosen to get up each time and make changes to get renewal. It is a new beginning for you (because of your breakup) and you know what? you are going to do just fine; you are going to tend you and make you better. That’s what this time is for – your self evaluation and enhancement.

I wish you all the best in all your present and future endeavours 🙂

Head Health Nutter December 2, 2011 at 12:03 am

Thank you, Genie, for your wonderfully inspiring comment. This means a lot to me, as even today I still struggle with the negative feelings that tend to accompany these life events.

But you’re right, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!!! I am more than ok – when I choose to focus on what I’ve gained from this life transition. 🙂

And I DO have big plans to help a great many people, so what the heck am I doing feeling sorry for myself when I could be celebrating for the extra energy and time that I’ve gain to better both myself and others?

Thanks for reminding me of this, Genie. You’re an angel.

A woman told me shortly following the breakup, “I really believe the Universe wants us to be happy.” Isn’t that a helpful belief to have in situations that are out of our control?

Dee: Do you miss Fritz or are you happier with your new Apple? computer?


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