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Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Your Workout

written by Guest Blogger June 30, 2016

Most of us start our day with a cup of fresh brew. It is one of the most common routines for many people. It has become a necessity. Many of us see it as an essential boost to our energy for the day. Keep reading today’s article by guest blogger, Joel Cordle, to give you more reasons to drink coffee!

Did you know that coffee is not just your regular caffeine-induced drink that can wake up your sleeping nerves, but it is also an effective ingredient for weight loss? Specifically, drinking coffee before a workout can burn more calories.

Now that is interesting stuff. In fact, many athletes and gym-goers have adapted the routine of drinking coffee before working out, because it does more to the muscles and fat than just bolting energy.

Here are 6 reasons to drink coffee before you workout.

1. It improves blood circulation.

Studies show that regular coffee drinkers are seen to have at least 15 percent increase in their blood flow. Increase in blood flow means that your organs and systems receive blood circulation faster than non-coffee drinkers. This also means that your muscles receive more oxygen faster and it is perfect for those who workout.

2. It preserves the muscles.

One of the natural processes of aging is to also gradually slow down the growth of muscles and reduction in strength. On a study conducted, it has shown that caffeine can slow down the loss of muscle strength and muscle deterioration caused by aging. This means when you regularly take coffee, especially before workout, you are actually also preserving your muscles.

3. It reduces pain.

Caffeine is known to boost energy and wake up your sleeping body in the morning. Apparently, its capability to boost your energy and push you harder on physical activities also allows your muscles to cope better, reducing pain and even increasing your tolerance. This is extremely helpful especially when your workout includes leg exercises and routines that can be painful.

Caffeine also allows your body to replenish energy faster. This makes your body more attuned to pain and working out, which will make it easier for you to work out regularly.

4. It improves the memory.

In a study conducted by John Hopkins University, it has shown that regular coffee drinkers are able to recall more information after 24 hours than those who are non-coffee drinkers. This is partly because caffeine keeps the mind active and focused, which allows you to store more information to your memory.

This can come in handy on workout sessions, especially remembering your routines and exercises. A sharp memory also makes you more mindful and realistic, which paves way for motivation to work out.

5. It accelerates fat burning.

Caffeine is known to be packed with natural antioxidants that are great with weight loss and fat burning. In fact, even if you are not working out, caffeine can still help you lose weight because it aids in faster metabolism and burns more calories every day. Now, think about drinking this special beverage along with your workout. That doubles the effect of burning fat which can lead to a faster and more effective weight loss routine.

6. You look trendy as hell walking to the gym with a cup of coffee in hand.

Okay, apart from all these health and wellness reasons to drink coffee before working out, there’s also the fact that going into the gym with a cup of coffee will make you look trendy and cool. There is the underlying idea that people who are stapled to coffee cups have busy professional schedules. Your gym mates would think that you have a busy, professional life (hence, the coffee), but you still get to have time for yourself (hence, the gym).

Freshly brewed coffee is the most effective and contains the most active ingredients for fat burning. This makes coffee the most potent type of natural drink for weight loss. Coffee has natural antioxidants and contents that can help burn fat quickly while also energizing you to burn fat some more.

With your drip machines for hot and strong coffee, you can make your trips to the gym even more effective by drinking coffee before your workout session.

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Joel Cordle is a successful writer and loves to write well researched and high quality content on different topics related healthy living & wellness. He believes that everyone should be healthy & wealthy their busy life at a minimal cost. He is a good advisor and suggests how one can stay healthy.

Do you have any more reasons to add to this list of reasons to drink coffee?

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