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Practice Healthy Living with Self-Defence

written by Head Health Nutter September 19, 2010

Realistic optimism includes being aware of dangers and preventing them in every way you can. Our immune system is our defence against viruses and bacteria, what about violent and dangerous people?

As much as I prefer to focus on the kindness of the human race, let’s face reality: there is a small portion of the population that act on selfish intentions. Healthy living is about longevity and part of this includes doing what we can to protect our well-being and survival from the potentially harmful actions of others.

(Even our computers need protection for a healthy life!)

I’ve always been interested in self-defence and martial arts (it’s on my bucket list) but until now, it’s never been a priority. Thankfully, I discovered a free online self-defence program (100 minutes) offered by a spirited company with an admirable purpose and a tragic back story.

Here’s their Fall 2010 promo video:

UPDATE 2017: video no longer available.

Promo Video Fall 2010 from Girls Fight Back! on Vimeo.

I’m impressed with Girls Fight Back because their mission is empowerment. They teach people the skills to stand up for themselves and how to be more aware of the potential dangers without resorting to fear tactics.

Actually, they say self-defence is a tool to help control fear!

Erin Weed speaks in the free online program and she’s an engaging, humourous presenter. I thoroughly enjoyed it – now I’m just waiting for my Honey to let me try the moves on him! (I think he’s scared of me!

Have you taken any self-defence course or instruction? Tell us about it and (if you’re comfortable sharing) if you’ve ever had to use it.

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