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Practical Tips for Healthy Living

written by Guest Blogger September 8, 2015

Almost all of us wish to lead a healthier lifestyle but have difficulties doing it. That’s why blogs like Live Lighter are around and why we publish as many tips as we can about how we can actually make a healthy living a reality for us. Please read today’s guest post by Ella and maybe something will stick!

Good health requires a whole lot more than simply a change of diet and exercise, it also requires having a positive mental attitude, a good and healthy self-image and some changes in lifestyle. You should start your efforts at improving your life with a few simple things, such as the following examples:

Drinking more water

A lot of us simply fail to drink enough water to make things count every day. Water is absolutely essential and necessary to keep our body functioning at peak capacity, removing waste, carrying nutrients and life-giving oxygen around our body. Since our body loses water through a number of ways, such as perspiration, breathing and waste, we need to replenish our water daily. Make sure you drink enough water so you can keep yourself healthy.

Getting enough sleep

Now this is another common offender we deal with daily, since we tend to feel the days are too short and we often stay up late. When you don’t rest well you will end up eating more and it often happens to be junk food. If you get enough sleep on a regular basis, you will not need to eat more to counterbalance that.

Importance of Exercising

Exercise every single day if you can. Movement means life, which in turn will add more benefits to your life and health, such as a lower risk of diseases, weight loss, better bone density, longer life span and so on. You should always choose walking over any kind of transport whenever you can, climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator every time. Take up sports or martial arts, whatever you choose will have positive results as long as you do something beyond a sedentary job. When you enjoy something, it’s only natural you will want to do it. Exercise should not be about suffering and pushing yourself way too far. You should remember to have fun and stay healthy as well as physically fit.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits happen to have a plethora of minerals and precious vitamins you can use, with even oranges having far more health benefits than vitamin C tablets. Even though we take a lot of supplements to deal with this, they are not the same thing as the real thing. Vegetables just like fruits are also an important part of our diet, so you should have at least a set of 5-9 servings.

Keep your home clean

There are many toxins inside our homes that happen to be a problem if we ignore them for too long, so you would do well to make sure you deal with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more with a cleaning company to make sure you have your home as free of toxins as it can be. This will allow you to enjoy a clean and healthy life in your home so you won’t have to deal with them alone.

About the Author

This article is granted by Ella A. an avid blogger, freelance writer and home décor enthusiast. She likes to write about healthy living, home maintenance and decoration. Her greatest joy is to share helpful tips and advises with readers from all over the world.

I would also add regular journaling or yoga to help de-stress and maintain sanity. What would you add to this list?

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