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Post Workout Snacks

written by Guest Blogger June 22, 2016

Planning is everything, and our body isn’t an exception. To achieve our health goals, we should pay attention to details, as annoying as they can be. But the truth is that just working out isn’t enough. Nutrition also plays a large role in health and fitness. Keep reading today’s article, contributed by Nuts.com, for a few nutrition ideas to support all our hard work!

A common mistake that people make is to overlook the recovery period post-workout. Too many people, after their time spent at the gym, just leave and go back to their busy life, forgetting that they should feed their tired bodies. Indeed eating after a solid workout should never be optional.

Although fitness trainers strive daily to communicate that eating is part of the recovery phase, there are still many men and women who neglect this step. You’ll recover faster and build more metabolism-boosting muscle if you eat a snack within 15 minutes to an hour of your workout.

So what can we eat to ensure our body gets what it needs in order to restore energy levels?

Studies show that snacks are the best option. According to the healthy snacks section of Nuts.com, women who reported two or more snacks per day had higher fruit and vegetable intakes compared to non-afternoon snackers. And one of the top choices for snacks: nuts. As we recently wrote, nuts, like walnuts, are packed with protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are great detoxifiers as well.

Now, for a few snack options that anyone can easily prepare at home to max out on post-workout recovery:

  1. Let’s start off with a quick one. Nothing is more delightful and refreshing than a Spirulina Smoothie. All you need is spirulina, banana, fresh spinach, apple juice, crushed ice, and lemon juice. The total time to prepare is approximately 2 minutes.
  2. Have few extra minutes? Then you can use them to prepare a detox smoothie. This smoothie is a blend of almond milk, frozen banana, spirulina, hemp protein powder (optional), fresh mint, chia seeds, hemp hearts. It’s delicious and it takes only 5 minutes to prepare. Who doesn’t love smoothies?
  3. Let’s close with a healthy snack that requires a bit more time. A tasty Veggie Quinoa Casserole is always a great post-workout option. This delicious dish offers complex carbohydrates and needed electrolytes to aid your recovery.

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