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Planet Friendly Beauty Tips

written by Guest Blogger August 13, 2015

If you want to look your best AND be good to the environment, check out today’s guest post by Shayla Ebsen.

In today’s market of beauty products made with slews of harsh chemicals, many women assume that maintaining their beauty regimen will put them in direct conflict with reducing their environmental impacts. But, contrary to those mainstream beliefs, you can maintain the look you want in an environmentally sustainable manner. Your beauty routine doesn’t need to put you in conflict with the environment.

Here’s how:


Opt for Quality Products

Be planet friendly by opting for high quality beauty products. Sure, beauty products made from quality ingredients are often more expensive than the alternatives. But the increased price is warranted and worthwhile. Beauty products made from low quality ingredients often don’t last as long, aren’t as effective and can even lead to skin problems. When you develop skin problems from low quality beauty products, you must then purchase additional products to overcome the skin problems. It’s a domino effect of usage and waste that has damaging environmental impacts.

Look Beyond Beauty Products

In a recent Expert Interview with Alanna Ketler on Changing your Beauty Routine to Change the Planet, Ketler called out the importance of looking beyond your beauty products when trying to maintain the look you want. Your lifestyle directly impacts your hair, skin, nails and more. Improve your overall appearance and rely less on beauty products by drinking the recommended daily amount of water, by eating healthy, wholesome foods and by exercising regularly.

Research the Options

Want to know the backgrounds of the companies that sell the beauty products you purchase? Research their stories before making another purchase. Important details to gather include each business’s values, which practices they use to minimize their environmental impacts, the ingredients used in their products and more. By learning the backgrounds of each beauty company, you can be more confident that you’re buying products from a business that holds similar values to you.

Minimize Your Use

The natural look is back! Let your natural beauty shine by minimizing your use of beauty products. Do this by choosing makeup in tones that highlight your features. Apply a minimum amount of those products to avoid masking your skin’s natural beauty. By opting for these makeup application practices, you can maintain the fresh, beautiful look you desire while not relying on an overabundance of products.

Choose Natural Products

Make your beauty routine planet friendly by choosing products made from natural ingredients that were sourced in sustainable manners. Products that utilize sustainable ingredients means that those ingredients were sourced in a manner that’s less damaging to the planet and that helps ensure those ingredients will be available for use over the long term. But beware, many companies are utilizing sneaky marketing terminology to make their products appear to have been made from natural ingredients, when, in reality, they were made with the opposite.

Don’t buy into the notion that maintaining a beauty regimen will put you in conflict with the environment. Rather, opt for quality products, maintain a healthy lifestyle, research your options and choose natural products to achieve the look you want in a sustainable manner.

About the Author

Shayla Ebsen is a freelance writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional writing experience both in the corporate and freelance settings.

Do you have any planet friendly beauty tips?

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