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Pilates Keeps You in Shape

written by Guest Blogger April 30, 2014

Have you ever tried Pilates? I LOVE it and I’m so happy guest blogger, Andrew Wales, sent in this submission because he’s inspiring me to get back into it! (I remember how strong my core was when I was regularly practicing it.) He even provides information about becoming a Pilates instructor (if you’re in Los Angeles). 

Pilates is a form of exercise that places an emphasis on central body strength and flexibility. If you are a Pilates teacher in Los Angeles, then chances are good that your business is booming. This type of exercise is popular because it can be accomplished in a wide variety of locations such as your home, the gym or even a hotel room. It allows you to stay in shape when time is scarce as well. If you are interested in teaching Pilates, then there is some excellent Pilates teacher training Los Angeles studios.


Equinox Education provides comprehensive Pilates teacher training in LA. This program is offered over a 6-month period, and training courses are conducted over 3-day weekends during this time period. You will receive lectures on human anatomy, philosophy and vocal training. The course also allows instills confidence in teaching the most advanced Pilates techniques available. All participants are required to complete 450 apprentice hours to reach teacher certification. This location hosts some of the best Pilates teachers that you will find in Los Angeles.

There are other great Pilates teacher training Los Angeles schools available too, and most of them allow candidates who have successfully completed the course a chance to interview for a permanent position. Great teachers are in high demand, so you have the potential to turn your love for fitness into a real career. Additionally, you can conduct individual sessions with people who wish to improve their flexibility. Athletes, actors and actresses often turn to Pilates to improve core strength and balance. There is no shortage of significant work opportunities in this highly popular field. The main purpose of Pilates is to develop the core so that the rest of your body feels much better as well.

People who participate in Pilates often find that they can eliminate common pains. For example, back pain is a common affliction among people of all ages. It is caused by poor posture, injuries or poor sleep habits. When you make an effort to strengthen your core, it allows your spine to achieve a proper alignment naturally. Your spine is an essential aspect of your overall health, and once it is in the right position you will find that leg, shoulder and chest pains will disappear.

This type of exercise also allows you to control your breathing while maximizing concentration. We often consider exercise as a physical action. While this is normally true, Pilates helps to strengthen your mind as well. You must concentrate on performing specific movements correctly in order to achieve the best results.

When you are forced to concentrate on a movement, it improves your concentration in other aspects of your life. Those who participate in Pilates sessions often find that they are able to concentrate much better at work. There is an emphasis placed on controlled movement as opposed to repetition. This provides a unique way for you to achieve maximum strength and flexibility throughout your body.

About the Author

Andew Wales is a fitness blogger providing information on topics such as how exercising, mat workout, and barre training to help with different muscle aspirations to keep you updated about the latest in the health and fitness market trends. He recently took the Pilates teacher training Los Angeles from Pilatessportscenter.com His favorite quote is “Energy & persistence conquer all things”. He has two kids, ages 2.5, and 7.

Twitter: @pscencino
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Have you tried Pilates? Did you notice improved concentration in other areas of your life? Did you notice any other improvements?

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