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Organic Food For You, So Why Not Your Dog Too?

written by Guest Blogger January 10, 2014

Do you have a pup you love? Consider today’s guest post by Kaitlyn Nakagoshi to see whether or not organic dog food is worth the extra expense. 

The organic food trend can hardly be considered trendy anymore. Over the last few years, consumer demand for all natural and organic products has been met by suppliers with flying colors. It used to be rare that you would see these kinds of items on shelves but now it is commonplace.

As a result of all this healthy food hype, a new type of organic food has come in to play. Believe it or not, organic dog food and all natural dog treats have gained a lot of attention and popularity recently, and for good reason.

Some folks might think it’s frivolous and a waste of money to feed household dogs organic food, but there are actually a number of benefits associated with it. If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should be feeding your canine friend organic dog food, consider the following:

  1. Prevention is protection. Organic dog food offers ten times more protection and safety when it comes to battling skin diseases. Due to the lack of artificial colors and flavors, canine allergies are less likely to flare up when a consistently organic diet is consumed.
  2. Nuts about nutrition. If your dog isn’t highly active, it can be difficult to monitor their weight. On the flip side, if your pooch has an inconsistent appetite, you might be concerned that they aren’t getting the proper amount of nutrients. The good thing about organic dog food is that it offers optimal levels of nutrients, which are then absorbed better by your dog.
  3. Ingest for the best. By nature, dogs are prone to digestion problems, which can dramatically affect the overall health of your pet. Organic dog food is less likely to give your dog uncomfortable intestinal problems or acid buildup. If your furry friend consumes an organic diet, they will maintain a healthy digestive system, which allows for regular and ideal bowel movements.

When you stroll down the dog food aisle at your local grocery store or pet store, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options available. It is also easy to get lured into purchasing the bag or cans with the best price or the most attractive packaging. Truth be told, neither of those should be what guides your purchasing decision.

Even though organic food tends to be more expensive, your dog’s health is worth it. In the long run, your pup will maintain a strong immune system, which means less pricey visits to the veterinarian.

About the Author

This guest post was written by Kaitlyn Nakagoshi, a Florida native with a passion for dancing, eating healthy, and being outdoors. Kaitlyn is the Online Community Director for a leading manufacturer of safe and healthy dog chews  which are 100% rawhide free. Although Kaitlyn is allergic to dogs, she adores her brother’s American Bulldog, which she helped name “Dolce” because of her sweet personality and caramel coloring.

Do you buy organic products for your pooch? If so, what do you choose and why? 


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Myfoodie Pet July 24, 2014 at 4:51 am

Not completely agree with your ideas. For us medium- and low-income people, we can’t afford to the expensive organic food for our dogs, Similarly, though, we can provide them very healthy and nourishing food. For example, we can make homemade dog treat recipe instead of buying those expensive but may not be good for them.


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