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The Only Ways to Ruin & Fix Digestion (and Why)

written by Guest Blogger March 30, 2011

Did you catch last month’s, Sure Fire Ways to Improve & Ruin Digestion? The guest blogger, Dr. Snow, shared his controversial and educated opinion on digestive issues. He’s back to explain why there’s only one way to ruin digestion and only one way to `un-ruin’ it.

First of all let me clear up the biggest misconception regarding indigestion and most of the common stomach complaints that people experience. Food has nothing to do with “indigestion” or any of the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases like IBS-Colitis-Leaky Gut Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease.

Stop playing the blame game! It is not the food’s fault. You cannot eat your way into or out of digestion problems. If you are experiencing gastro-intestinal problems such as indigestion, bloating, gas, belching, heartburn or diarrhea, it is not caused by your eating habits or lifestyle. Something else is at work here.

The good news is that once you understand the true cause and effect, it becomes easy to take the proper action and completely cure all gastro-intestinal issues!

In our natural, “unspoiled” state, we should be able to efficiently digest anything that passes as food (except maybe your mother-in-law’s tuna casserole!) In fact with good digestion we should be able to erase most of our dietary mistakes without paying the price.

A few other digestive myths:
  1. Cholesterol is “inherited.” High cholesterol is not genetically passed down, we do not “manufacture” it in our bodies and it is not the result of eating “bad” fats. This is the BS-propaganda perpetrated by the people who sell us the cholesterol-lowering drugs and then tell us we will need to take them for the rest of our lives! Cholesterol is nothing but undigested fat. Tuning up your digestion = lowering your cholesterol.
  2. Food sensitivities and allergies. Lactose Intolerance: it is not the milk’s fault, it is not genetically inherited nor is it permanent. It is the result of poor digestion and it’s 100% fixable! How about wheat/gluten “sensitivities?” Same thing – don’t blame the food! These are all man-made conditions with the same cause and the same cure.
  3. Weight loss. With perfect digestion you dramatically reduce the chances of being overweight! I will explain this in a few minutes… but first, let’s answer how and why most of us suffer from digestive troubles.

How did most everybody in our society ruin their digestion?

You cannot have these conditions – indigestion, gas, bloating, belching, heartburn, diarrhea, out-of-control weight gain – without first having had antibiotics in one form or another. This medication (which most of us have had, hence the epidemic proportions of these symptoms), ruins our digestion but it can be “un-ruined.”

Antibiotics do this by destroying the good bacteria that makes up the mucosal lining in our stomach. This bacteria is very smart and I refer to it as the “software” that runs the “hardware” of your stomach.

When you swallow any food, your smart bacteria identifies the molecular structure of it (protein, fat, carbohydrate). It then sends a signal to the Parietal Cells in our gut to release the exact combination of digestive acids for the foods that you ate. When done properly any food (well maybe not that tuna casserole) will be efficiently “processed” without any unwanted side-effects (gas, bloating, heartburn, etc).

Your beneficial gut bacteria orchestrates an amazing process called digestion and will do so perfectly if left alone. If you do not have this software that is supposed to be “installed” when you are born (by your mother breast feeding you), your stomach cannot identify what foods you have eaten and so cannot efficiently digest them.

Were you breastfed? Even so, did your mother take antibiotics before she had you?

Examples of how having taken antibiotics may be affecting you

Calories, by definition, are units of potential energy. If you digest calories properly you access the energy within them which leads to:

  1. more energy instead of dragging yourself around in exhaustion.
  2. immediately using calories instead of storing them on your body.

People who were breast fed tend to be thinner as adults than people who weren’t. Conversely, if you have no “software” to digest these calories, they are not used for energy but instead are stored on your body and you will get fat!

Over weight people have a lot of (caloric) potential – energy that they are not using. When you re-install the “software” by taking a probiotic and colostrum, you digest and “burn” those calories. They leave your thighs and give you lots of energy. Kind of a two-for-one deal!

So now that we’ve established how you ruined your digestion (by the ingestion of antibiotics and killing off the software, the intelligent bacteria that runs your digestion), JUST how do we un-ruin our digestion?

How you can un-ruin your digestion

You do the opposite of how you ruined it: you re-install the software. Here’s how:

Get yourself a GOOD probiotic along with some colostrum (simulating what happened if you were breast fed) and take these for approximately 30 days.

That’s it! No more plop-plop-fizz-fizz and unfortunately, no excuse for not eating that tuna casserole! Lastly, if you are trying to lose weight, forget the banana or twinkie or hot dog diet – go on the Probiotic Diet to lose weight and gain energy the natural way!

About the Author

Dr. Albert Snow has been practicing Natural Medicine for 30 years. He holds a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Herbology and Orthomolecular Biochemistry and is a certified Nutritionist. Learn more about Dr. Snow and his revolutionary Gastro-Enterology Method on his website and holistic gastro-enterology blog.

After reading Dr. Snow’s first Live Lighter article about this, I took his suggestion. I have one more week to go before the month is up and even though it’s been an insanely busy month between work and social engagements (and not-so-healthy eating habits), my digestion does seem to be improving!

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