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Official Earth Hour 2010 Video

written by Head Health Nutter March 27, 2010

In 3 and 1/2 hours, it’ll be 8:30pm here in Toronto and after watching the official Earth Hour 2010 video, I am pumped! If you haven’t watched it yourself yet, I’ve posted it here for you.

Since yesterday (North American time), millions of people have been participating in this global event as a way to vote for their individual governments to take action against climate change.

If you want to learn a little more about Earth Hour, when and where it started and how it’s grown since that first year, or if you simply want to see people and major landmarks from all over the world taking part in past years, then take 3 minutes to view this video.

To see a Twitter stream, Flikr photos and news stories on Earth Hour, or for more information on this global event, visit www.EarthHour.org.

For you readers out there, here are the highlights from the video:

  • The first Earth Hour took place in 2007 where 2.2 million people across Sydney, Australia, simultaneously turned off their lights for 60 minutes.
  • One year later in 2008, over 50 million people across the world in 400 cities participated and turned off their lights.
  • Last year in 2009, 88 countries took part in Earth Hour with a resounding 1 billion people turning off their lights in over 4000 cities!

I wonder what the numbers will be in 2010? Any guesses?

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Head Health Nutter April 10, 2010 at 5:07 pm

Earth Hour 2010 results are in:

Over 4,000 cities and towns turned out their lights across a record 126 countries!


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