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Nootropics 101: Can Supplements Super-Charge Your Career?

written by Guest Blogger April 11, 2016

This is the first I’ve heard of Nootropics and I’m intrigued. So I’ve decided to publish this guest post by Laris Stephen who writes for Peak Nootropics. Like all of our content here on Live Lighter, this is an unpaid contribution – it is for your information only so you can decide for yourself if you wish to further investigate these natural supplements and try them for yourself.

In the recent past, there has been a lot of hullabaloo about a certain type of drug called Nootropics. These “smart drugs” promise to boost up one’s brain to such an extent that remaining awake for hours at a stretch and solving mind boggling puzzles won’t be an issue anymore. These supplements are guaranteeing you that you will be reborn as this generation’s Einstein. These kinds of drugs are effective cognitive enhancers who have almost zero side effects. Nootropics are helping people across the world gain a competitive edge and live longer.

After thorough research was conducted, the investigators found out a number of cases where people who had trouble focusing on one thing for a longer period of time and lacked necessary energy to carry on with the day’s work said that after consuming these supplements they have been able to accomplish tasks which seemed ten times harder before. In this age of instant gratification, more and more working professionals are taking the helps of these supplements to become more productive at work and have an edge over their colleagues.

Here are some of the Nootropics & their benefits:

1. Racetams: This seems to be the Internet’s most favored smart drug. This group of drugs has a common chemical structure known as pyrrolidone nucleus. Most of the racetams comprise of noopept, aniracetam, oxiracetam, priracetam, pramiracetam. In the US, selling of racetam is not supervised by the law, thus making it openly accessible to each and everyone.

Although it doesn’t taste exceptionally good, and the internet shows that the most popular racetam is piracetam for its effective cognitive strengthening, it is advised that one tries them out and see if it works out for them since this drug has the following benefits.

  • Improvement of memory, focus and cognitive function
  • Aniracetam helps in reduction of anxiety

Cognitive Boost: a vast majority of the people who take nootropics swear by its cognitive effects. Improvement of memory, focus and cognitive function are just some of the benefits.

Reduction of Anxiety: Aniracetam a form of nootropic, helps in reduction of anxiety and then there are others that help your heart and muscles absorb energy better. These physical and mental effects are surprisingly powerful and noticeable after just a few doses.

2. Noopept: Reports say that noopept is 1000 times more powerful than piracetam which automatically signifies that this should be taken in a much smaller dose. Although, technically it is not a racetam, it is usually listed in the same category as the racetams because both tend to function in a similar manner. The following benefits can be expected from this drug.

Learn faster: Nootropics are meant to help you better grasp concepts that are new to you when it comes to learning.

Enhanced memory and focus: Keeping you sharp mentally is a key way you may be able to boost your lifespan and health in later years. Not to mention the amazing effect this may have on your career.

3. Blended Nootropics: Some business people have started blending some of these supplements and encasing them in a capsule. But these are expensive since there is more than one multi vitamin at work.

About the Author

Laris Stephen writer for Peak Nootropics, an authorized company that provides high quality memory products to enhance mental performance. A Peak Nootropics supplement ensures benefits such as enhance learning, improve memory, increase focus, and enhance mood and much more.

Have you tried any Nootropics? Have you researched them? What information can you contribute to this article?

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