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New Ways to Live an Eco Life

written by Guest Blogger March 12, 2016

Are you looking to live a more conscious lifestyle? Once you’ve mastered living a personally healthy lifestyle, the next step is looking at the bigger picture and doing our part to create a healthier world. If you’re ready to live a more eco life, even if it’s only in a few new ways, then keep reading today’s article by guest blogger, Maria.

Who doesn’t want to live in a cleaner, healthier world? Who doesn’t want to eat really good food instead of the junk we buy in the store? We all know what’s good for us, but what are we doing to improve our lifestyle?

The biggest drawback that prevents people from going green is the thought they would lack comfort. You would have to buy specific cosmetics, drive another car, and give up on the guilty food pleasures.

Before we get any further with the tips on living an eco-friendly life, let’s explain what the term itself stands for. Living an eco life means that each action you make is based on an intention to preserve the environment from any harm. This is not an idea; it’s a practice that highlights your daily life.

As soon as you realize that living an eco life is not as restricting as it seems, you’ll approach the challenge from a new point of view.

Let’s see if we’ll convince you by listing some simple ways of living an eco life in the urban environment. There are no ‘grow your own food’ tips here; only things you can do without much effort.

1. Consume food that causes minimal harm to the environment.

The first change starts from your eating habits. Food production is related to carbon footprint and plastic packaging even if the items are healthy. Are you wondering what food causes minimal harm?

Local! Locally-grown products aren’t subjected to long-distance transport. In addition, they are intended to be sold immediately, so there will be no heavy packaging there. The market is a really fun place when you start getting the vibes. You’ll get to pick the freshest, healthiest products and you’ll pay a reasonable price for them.

You don’t have to go fully organic if that’s too expensive for you. All you need to do is think local and buy products that haven’t been mass-produced.

2. Organize shopping weekends with your friends

Let’s think about it: you go to the market every weekend to buy supplies for the upcoming week. If the place is relatively far, you can’t walk home with all products you buy. Public transport is an inconvenient option, since you’ll carry several bags and you’ll make a real mess. Plus, you’ll have to occupy at least two seats. Still, you can’t just take your car and drive there; that would confront the main purpose of living an eco life.

Here is what you can do: pick up two or three of your friends on your way to the market and share the car. You’ll all get what you need, but you’ll cause less carbon footprint on the environment at the same time.

You can apply the same policy when commuting to work. Share a vehicle with colleagues who live nearby, use public transport, or drive a bike. Bikes are really cool and they cause zero harm to our environment.

3. Lease solar panels

Solar energy will change the way you live, but it will also make you a more conscious individual. The only problem is: this equipment is too expensive to install. A medium-sized system can cost up to $30,000, which you may not be ready to invest in our environment. Does that mean you have to be rich to live an eco-friendly life? Not necessarily.

There are several solar leasing companies that allow you to use the solar panels for a monthly fee that can range from $100 to $300. That’s still a considerable investment, but don’t forget the fact that your utility bills will immediately go down.

4. Reduce the amount of paper you use

Even if you don’t like eReaders, you have to admit: they help the world save tons of trees. Plus, you can collect thousands of books in a single device and take your personal library everywhere you go. You’ll get used to your eReader in no time, and you’ll start loving it more than anything.

If you still prefer the idea of reading traditional editions, you can always buy second-hand books. Since they have been through the hands of several readers who left their unique mark on them, you will feel the connection. You’ll imagine what impressions they had and you’ll read inventive comments on the margins. That’s something you can’t get from a brand new edition.

Going green won’t be the easiest thing you’ll do in your life. However, it will certainly be one of the most pleasurable experiences you’ll ever go through. The feeling of becoming a conscious individual cannot be replaced by fancy restaurant meals, fast cars, and huge electricity bills that speak for the comfort you enjoy. You will still live a comfortable life when you become an eco-conscious citizen, but you’ll feel much better about yourself.

It’s time to make a change. Start taking small, but important steps today!

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Maria is a writer, educator and self0improvement enthusiast. She writes articles and creative essay samples for Essays Scholar Advisor, education portal for students. Maria is passionate to share her own experiences, knowledge, and thoughts with others.

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