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Natural Hot Spring Spa Destinations in Eastern Europe

written by Guest Blogger September 1, 2011

The summer’s still here! If you haven’t gone on vacation yet, here’s a guest post by travel writer, Dan Aldulescu, with some great suggestions on where to go in Europe for a well-deserved, wellness retreat.

Planning a spa resort break or a wellness holiday? Eastern Europe is the place to go. With its wealth of natural hot springs, you can luxuriate in nature’s wonders whilst soaking in some truly picturesque scenery. You’ll find excellent spa holiday offers in a number of different cities but if you want good value for your money, perhaps you should try one of the many Danubius Hotel Spas.


Natural resources

Natural resources are at the heart of any wellness holiday or spa resort break and the best resorts in Eastern Europe are no exception. These centres tap into a myriad of natural resources – from thermal water to mud to natural gas.

During your stay, you can indulge in treatments you might have never heard of, such as electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy, in addition to more traditional procedures like physiotherapy, massage and inhalation remedies. Expert staff will be on hand to offer lifestyle support and guidance on the best therapies for you.

The key to effective wellness holidays is that you immerse yourself in total relaxation. There are many spa resorts which offer completely calm surroundings so you can forget all stresses and strains.

The best spa resorts also offer the opportunity to eat well and exercise – many people find this essential for getting the most out of their spa resort break.

Wellness holidays

These getaways are ideal for a number of reasons. They’re a good choice if you simply need to de-stress, unwind and take a break from everyday life. Many people also choose spa and wellness holidays if they want to detox, lose weight and feel re-energised.

The idea is that during the break you focus entirely on your well-being. A combination of relaxation, exercise, sleeping, eating well and undergoing natural resource treatments leaves most people feeling invigorated and ready to return to their everyday life with a new spring in their step.

Spa resorts in Hungary

Hungary has a number of four and five-star spa resorts to offer for the ultimate affordable relaxation experience. You’ll find wellness holiday centres in cities such as:

  • Balatonfured
  • Budapest
  • Bukfurdo
  • Gyor
  • Heviz
  • Pecs
  • Sarvar
  • Sopron

Spa resorts in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a wealth of natural resources to offer, which makes it an ideal destination for a wellness holiday where you can enjoy unique treatments in natural surroundings.  You’ll find some of the best natural resource spa resorts in the city of Marienbad.

Spa resorts in Slovakia

Slovakia has a host of spa resorts to choose from, offering both therapeutic and medical professional treatments. These resorts are available in cities such as Piestany and Smrdaky.

Spa resorts in Romania

Romania is a land incredibly rich in unique natural resources and there are a variety of high-quality spa resorts to choose from. The resorts offer a range of stress-relief, health and beauty facilities such as swimming pools, thermal baths, saunas, steam rooms, gyms and beauty centres. For some of the best spa breaks, consider visiting Sovata.

Your stay

At the start of your break, expert staff will discuss your wellness goals with you and ask you if you have any particular health concerns. You may be able to undergo a medical condition assessment, in which a medical expert will use questionnaires and examinations to assess your overall well-being and identify any underlying or emerging issues. The types of things that can be checked include blood cells, breath function, cholesterol, blood fat, blood sugar, blood pressure and spine and joint well-being.

Based on their initial assessment, expert centre staff can design a wellness break that’s tailored just for you. They’ll choose treatments and activities that are specifically designed to get you feeling mentally and physically better.

Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are perfect destinations for wellness breaks and spa holidays because they’re easily accessible, affordable and rich in natural resources. They offer excellent spa offers, deals and discounts to enable you to relax in luxury surroundings without having to spend a fortune.

So what are you waiting for? Why not choose a natural hot spring wellness holiday in picturesque surroundings to relax, de-stress, unwind and recharge your batteries?

About the author

Travel writer, Dan Aldulescu, specializes in finding and reviewing the most popular wellness holidays destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.

I looked into the cost of Hotel Lover in Hungary, it’s only $475 Canadian for 7 nights! That IS super affordable. Thanks for this guest post, Dan. If I had vacation money saved, I’d definitely look into one of these European spa resorts.

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You’re welcome, Mike! All the best on your health journey, hope you’ll pop in frequently to Live Lighter and we’ll go the distance together.


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