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My Buns of Steel vs. An Automobile (or How Important is Fitness to Survival?)

written by Head Health Nutter July 11, 2008

“In this corner… Killer Miller armed with only her rollerblades and wrist guards, a first timer to car accidents and a newbie in the steel ring! And in the other corner…a red, beat-up 1990 Mazda SE!”

Ding Ding Ding

After only 30 seconds in the first round, Steph `Killer Miller’ was down for the count. Of course, this was to be expected – no matter how tight my butt gets, there is no way I’ll win against a car! 🙂

On the other hand, being healthy and physically fit has its advantages in dealing with freak accidents like this one. Actually, I believe this incident is just another example why being healthy is worth the effort and why it’s worth the time to find the secret to making healthy living easy.

They say that it’s not what is thrown at you but how you handle it that directly influences the outcome. I believe it! If I were just a little faster on my blades, I could have reacted to that little red Mazda monster by leaping over it like a Blazing Blader… rather than flying into the hood, bouncing off it and landing onto the ground.

Actually, with all due respect to my current level of physical fitness, rather than a rag doll I think my reaction was pretty tight. I hit the car and landed quite gracefully.

So how does healthy living and physical fitness help you when you’ve got a steel beast staring you down? Your fitness level directly determines how fast your reaction time will be and the level of your mental and physical capabilities.

Physical activity improves strength, balance and coordination that all help you make more effective offensive maneuvers. For instance, I could have easily hit my head in this accident but was quick enough to fall in such a way that protected me from further injury. Whew!

Not only will fitness physiologically prepare you for reacting efficiently to unexpected events, it appears that exercise heals. It helps us recover more quickly and heal more easily from injury and illness, and may just be nature’s cure-all medicine. (Source: Experience Life magazine). For instance, one recent study shows that exercise actually speeds up the healing process.

Healthy living and physical fitness is one huge way you can help prepare for “ironic incidents of injury”. The other way is to make sound decisions regarding your safety and the level of risk you wish to take. Stay tuned for the next Live Lighter article, “What NOT To Do When Rollerblading in the City”.

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Emmanuel Lopez | Motivatorman July 16, 2008 at 11:07 am

Whoa! Killer Miller is triumphant once again! You are surviving cracked teeth and monster cars!

This is a testament to your healthy living and healthy mind!

Nothing can stop you and that makes you so inspiring to me.


Stephanie Miller July 19, 2008 at 9:51 am

Thanks for your wonderful comments, Emmanuel! 🙂


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