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Moringa Source Starter Combo Giveaway Contest!

written by Head Health Nutter July 8, 2012

Last week I shared a homemade iced tea recipe where I used Moringa oleifera tea instead of my usual green tea. I did so because I recently learned of Moringa’s incredible health benefits. Today Moringa Source wants one lucky giveaway contest winner on Live Lighter to try it for themselves!

To recap from last week’s post, Moringa oleifera is the most nutrient-dense plant yet discovered. It’s rich in antioxidants and has over 90 nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, amino acids, iron and calcium (click here for a complete nutritional list). It’s even claimed as a natural superfood that helps boost nutrition in pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and their babies!

Here’s Dr. Oz featuring it on his show as a way to jump-start your day and re-energize your life:


Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera

So what can all these nutrients in the Moringa oleifera plant do for us? Here’s a list of possibilities:

  • increased energy and flexibility
  • focus and clarity
  • digestive regulation
  • immune system health
  • cell strength and restoration
  • stabilization of blood sugar levels
  • memory and sensory perception
  • restful, restorative sleep cycles
  • emotional balance
  • reparation of skin elasticity to reverse the signs of aging
  • recovery from physical strain and ailments

About Moringa Source

Moringa Source is the premiere resource for Moringa oleifera products. The largest company exclusively dedicated to 100% natural Moringa products, Moringa Source offers a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements designed to balance and improve the body’s cognitive, neurological and physical well-being.

Moringa Source is sold in more than 30 countries and offers a variety of Moringa products including Morninga nutritional supplement capsules, Moringa tea, Moringa leaf powder, Moringa oil and Moringa body butter.


Moringa Giveaway Contest on Live Lighter!

Moringa Source has kindly offered one lucky Live Lighter winner a Moringa Source Starter Combo. 

The prize up for grabs includes:

1) Moringa Source Supplements. 120 vegetable capsules, each containing 400 mg of 100% Moringa leaf powder.

Moringa capsules provide an easily digestible abundance of nutrition that is safe for the entire family to consume. When compared to other food sources on a pound for pound basis, Moringa capsules contain 7 times the vitamin C found in oranges; 4 times the calcium found in milk, and twice the protein; 4 times the vitamin A found in carrots; 3 times the potassium found in bananas; and 3 times the iron found in almonds.

The company recommends taking 4 capsules daily for a noticeable increase in energy within 3-4 weeks. 

2) Moringa Source Tea. 24 bags.

What makes Moringa oleifera tea so healthy and delicious? The fact that it’s not really a tea, but rather a tisane. Unlike teas, Moringa contains no caffeine and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Moringa oleifera teas boast 47 Antioxidants; 36 Anti-inflammatories; 25 Vitamins & Minerals; 27% Plant-based protein; and all 8 essential Amino Acids. Flavorful and nutritious, drink it plain or spice it up with lemon, cinnamon, or honey.

The company recommends drinking one cup daily, along with the daily supplement regimen, for a noticeable increase in energy within 3-4 weeks.

3) Moringa Source Body Oil. 2 oz Bottle, for external use only.

Made from the Miracle Tree, 100% pure Moringa Source Body Oil is an ideal moisturizer for dry skin, a healing, topical treatment offering relief from sunburn, and perfect non-sticky massage oil. Its naturally occurring vitamin A and C, fatty acids, oleic (Omega 9) and behenic acids allow it to spread, be easily absorbed and penetrate deeply into skin without feeling greasy, delivering vital nutrients that help the skin retain moisture.

The company recommends applying Moringa Source Body Oil directly to the skin one to two times daily to improve skin softness within one week, and improved skin elasticity within one month. To help heal and cool sunburned skin, apply on the affected area twice daily.

How You Win Your Moringa Prize Pack

The Moringa giveaway contest on Live Lighter opens Monday, June 9 at 9am EST and closes Monday, June 16 at 9am EST. All you have to do to enter the draw is to answer the following question in the comment section below:

How will you use all the extra energy and health that Moringa oleifera offers?

Now just because a product is 100% natural doesn’t make it 100% safe… as you may have read in my Moringa review post I’ve been unable to try the supplements until I stop smoking as vitamin A increases the chances of cancer (according to my Naturopathic Doc), and here Moringa oleifera has 4 times the amount of vitamin A than carrots!

So to give the winner a head’s up, once you get your prize pack in the mail, Moringa Source recommends you consult your physician and visit http://www.moringasource.com/disclaimer.php before using Moringa products.

Good luck to every contestant and a big thank you to Moringa Source for offering such an amazing prize for Live Lighter’s latest giveaway contest! 

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Heather Schultz July 9, 2012 at 12:35 pm

I will use all that extra focused energy to get my long list of THINGS TO DO for a new business I am starting accomplished while being an EVOLVED Super-wife, -mother, -friend, -daughter, -volunteer, -businesswoman!

Head Health Nutter July 12, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Wow, Heather, sounds like you could use some extra super powers! lol Thanks for entering the contest – good luck! 🙂

Melida Newman July 4, 2013 at 6:49 pm

Love the tea, oil, hair products, powder.


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