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More Useful Tips on How to Keep a Healthy Figure

written by Guest Blogger April 25, 2012

Are you looking for an easy, healthy morning routine to start? You’ll find it in this guest post by Ana Brady, plus a few extra tips that will be sure to make you feel good without too much effort or time on your part!

There’s never enough advice on how to lose weight, become fit, eat right and maintain a healthy figure. Though some advice are complicated, require too much work and money, some are quite simple and only require patience. We can “sacrifice” that much, can’t we? Especially knowing what rewards await if we play by the rules.

Here are some very simple tricks that can help you shape your body without feeling that you’re wasting time, money or risking your health with questionable diets.

5 Easy and Healthy Ways to Feel Good

  1. Every morning you wake up, go out on the balcony or porch or open your window wide, and stand in fresh air for 30 seconds, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Your lungs and entire body will shout from joy for all that oxygen boost. This activity helps wake up your body, clear your mind and start the day in a relaxed mood. Surely you can spend 30 seconds on that?
  2. Take another 10 minutes to do morning exercise. These exercises are not cardio, but slow, pleasant stretching and strengthening exercises that feel really good to your body, especially your spine. Take your time to stretch out your legs, your arms, your back, to elongate your body and strengthen your abdomen and buttocks.
  3. Drink at least one glass of room temperature water right after these exercises. It would be good if you got used to drinking two glasses of water, but one will do for starters. Wait half an hour before you eat breakfast.
  4. If your job requires that you sit for a long time during the day, take short breaks every hour or so. If you’re embarrassed that your colleagues will laugh at your “program”, you can do it in the bathroom. Make a couple of stretching motions, and then do 20 squats (without the weights, obviously). Do this at least 3-4 times a day.
  5. If you don’t have time for sports or an evening recreational activity like walking, dancing, etc., try to spend weekends outside or doing something physically demanding (hiking, swimming, jumping around with your kids, playing…). Use every opportunity you have to move, avoid elevators if you’re climbing up to 5 floors, avoid the car if a store is 20 minutes away (on foot).

None of these things require much work. You don’t have to give up your free time or any other activity you have in your life to do these suggestions. True, they won’t make you thin in a month, but eventually, in time, you’ll notice how your body is changing, toning, how you feel more energized, relaxed and healthier in every way – physical, mental, emotional.

About the Author

Ana Brady writes about nutrition, healthy lifestyles, recreation, family, children, etc. She is a mother of two and she loves inventing games played outside. She works with a small team on a project on beverage labels.

I’m really loving Ana’s tip for getting a deep breath of fresh air after stumbling out of bed. Do you have any tips like these that would be super easy to do without much time or effort – just so we can get started on a healthy routine? 

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