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written by Head Health Nutter May 27, 2010

Hey, Live Lighter Readers! It’s been about a week since I last posted but rest assured there’s a post coming for tomorrow.

We had high hopes of completing the first set of renovations to our first home but ran out of time before the move date (boo!). The dining-room walls are half stripped of wallpaper (darn that industrial glue), half the house is painted, the foyer tile still needs to be laid and our bathroom looks like it’s been around since the 1960’s.

Ah well, we’ll be here for at least five years so we’ll just pick at them one at a time.

On the upside, the move itself went really smoothly. However, it’s a much smaller space and it’s been a challenge to get settled and organized enough to produce (or even edit) a high quality article for you.

(And obviously the renos to Live Lighter are also on hold…)

But the office is fully set up (we won’t talk about the filing cabinet in the middle of the room and the mess on the desk) and I’m ready to blog again!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, which looks like it’ll be an introduction to a cool new website that offers healthy living tips for the whole family.

By the way, I took a picture of the new office to show you but I can’t find the USB cord to upload it! lol The pic is stock photography – that’s not me. 🙂

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