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Meet Bill Bengston: Hands-On Healer & Researcher

written by Head Health Nutter December 18, 2010

Are you skeptical of hands-on healing? Well, good! That’s the way you should approach it, according to William Bengston, a Sociology professor, hands-on healer, researcher and author of The Energy Cure. Today we meet Bill, a pragmatic man who has a fascinating story about healing.

In Thursday’s post, 20+ Gift Ideas for Health Nuts, I mentioned Bill and his work for the first time. I recently read his book, The Energy Cure, and listened to his 6-CD Hands-On Training Course, and I’m SO jazzed about it all! He’s literally turned my head upside-down around the entire world of healing.

Bill is an academic who fell into the world of psychic phenomenon and hands-on healing. For the past 30+ years, he’s been experiencing it first-hand and has brought it into the lab to study. His results are incredible and their potential practical applications are exciting, including proof that everyone has this ability and can hone it with practice.

Doesn’t this just blow your mind!?

The most mind-boggling discovery Bill’s made is that neither the healer or the healee need to believe in hands-on healing for it to work. In fact, he suggests it works even better when both are non-believers! This goes against everything I’ve ever learned about healing and the power of the mind.

For instance, here’s what Dr. Elson Haas, who practices integrative medicine, has to say about healing in Staying Healthy with the Seasons:

Healing has always been said to be an art, intrinsically intuitive. The healer must believe in what he or she is doing. Great practitioners have found equally remarkable results with Western medicine, herbalism, naturopathy, homeopathy, and acupuncture. The more open and ready the recipient is to be healed, the stronger tends to be the effect. A belief in the approach used and the ill person’s trust in the healer are both critical.

While Bengston’s research and personal experience actually help prove much of what Haas says here (specifically, healing is intuitive and results are stronger when the patient is open to healing), Bengston’s work debunks the entire belief around the importance of belief in the hands-on healing methods used. Cool, eh?

Stay tuned for several reviews in January, when I review both The Energy Cure (update: here’s the book review!) and the training course. But for now, if you’re at all interested in hands-on healing (or manifesting everything you want in life), make sure to put either this book or training course on your holiday wish list.

What did you think of this interview with Bill? Or the concepts being presented here? I want to know what you think about hands-on healing!

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