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Making Time for Self-Care

written by Head Health Nutter September 15, 2010

Have you lost your healthy routine? Do you struggle to regain it or adopt it for the first time? Do you feel like life controls you rather than being the master of your own destiny? Self-care is what we need to succeed!

Sometimes life happens. We are creatures of habit and every now and again, life transitions uproot us from our comfortable existence into a new realm of reality.

Take for instance, a move. At the end of May, I not only moved to a brand new neighbourhood but bought my first house! I was excited about the changes but my transition wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. I’ve gained 15 pounds since then!

This is kind of scary for me since I haven’t tipped the scales over 135 lbs since 2007. I’ve been trying to get back to my old routine but it’s been challenging between an influx of work (thankfully!), non-stop home renovations, and of course, Live Lighter and my social life.

Maybe I need a new routine since I’m in a new environment? Maybe an attitude adjustment will help? And a plan, I like plans!

I’m in the middle of “The Successful Woman” by Kathy Glover Scott and it gave me some insight as to why a healthy routine has been so elusive for me lately. Ms. Scott talks about “energy choicing” and “healthy selfishness.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming book review but for now, she teaches the art of choosing where (and how much) you spend your energy and how to make self-care your #1 priority. I realize I’ve been placing the needs of my home, Honey, clients, blog, friends and family before my own.

This became very obvious to me this past Monday when I started getting grumpy with my Honey around supper time. My feelings had validation but the issues that had upset me were minor. Basically, I was feeling sorry for myself. Once I had a 30 minute walk in the ‘hood, I was right as rain again!

So, my goals for this week have been to get up an hour earlier in the morning to spend time on me. One of the best sustaining self-care practises is exercise. It creates feel-good endorphins, helps rebalance hormones, burns calories, releases stress and toxins, promotes healthy sleep and digestion… Am I forgetting anything?

I’ve been taking it slowly because, not only am I not as fit as I used to be, my sole purpose at this point is to reestablish a healthy living habit.

Starting with this one self-care practice, I’m aiming for at least 30 minutes a day of any physical activity that I’m feeling up to at the time. The point is to make it a consistent habit so I don’t even have to think about it – I just do it!

Next month I’ll be doing a mini-cleanse and cutting out refined sugar, caffeine, fried and fast foods, junk food and alcohol (again). Anyone up to joining me in adopting a healthy living habit?

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Goal Jungle Girl September 17, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Thank you! I’ll look into the book, but I just have to say how nice it is to hear the term “healthy selfishness.”

I also appreciate that you seem to have a very moderate, sustainable approach to fitness…so much that I read and am exposed to is an all-or-nothing fitness-extreme-mania-bootcamp-extravaganza. I need to hear more “lets start small-easy-fun, and make a habit” advice!

Head Health Nutter September 18, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Hey, Goal Jungle Girl! Yes, healthy selfishness is typically elusive to us ladies, who feel we must always put others before ourselves.

And yes, going slow has been the only thing that has worked for me in the past to produce lasting results. I actually wrote about it here in “The Secret to Making Health Living Easy” http://livelighter.org/the-secret-to-making-healthy-living-easy/


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