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Make Your Own Baby Food Without Making A Mess!

written by Guest Blogger November 10, 2013

If you’re a regular Live Lighter reader, you know that we extol the health virtues of homemade food rather than commercialized, super-duper convenient, preservative-loaded store-bought versions. That’s why I’m very happy to present today’s guest blogger, Dana Rasmussen, with her tips in making homemade baby food a stress-free experience!  

Do you think that healthy, nutritious and delicious homemade baby food takes too much work? Think again. Here’s how to make the food your baby wants and still have time leftover for yourself.

Get it all done in one day to save time later.

Making baby food takes some time, but it is worth it in the end. Plus, making your own food saves a lot of money. If you’ve got the time to spend a few hours in the kitchen one day a week, you can make enough food to last your baby a few weeks.

All you need to do to is purchase fresh fruit and vegetables in advance so that you can have them ready to be mashed into oblivion for your baby.

You’ll also need a food processor or blender capable of reducing the produce into its basic elements (read: mush).

All of the food should be softened before going into the food processor or blender. One way to soften the food involves boiling until soft, then remove the stems and seeds. Once that is finished, you can puree the food.

To get the right consistency, try adding water, breast milk or formula into the mix and blend again.

Get rid of the evidence.

Once the food is made you are undoubtedly left with a mess. That’s just unavoidable. However, it doesn’t have to be a BIG mess.

Here are some tricks to get things cleaned up quickly:

Flush it: When you puree one item and need to clean the blender for the next, stick it under the tap and fill it up with water. Then turn the blender back on for a good rinsing. Dump it out and repeat if necessary.

Bag it: Put all of the seeds, skins and stems into a grocery bag so that they’re all collected into one area and can be thrown away easily (or composted).

Divide it: Placing the food into something like an ice cube tray enables small portions to be taken out of the freezer as the need arises. That way there is no need to freeze and thaw the food only to find out that you’ve wasted some of it (and made a mess).

Be a stress-free chef for your baby.

Follow these tips to cut down on wasting time and making a mess while making food for your baby. Just realize your baby might not be hip to the whole mess-free concept. But that’s why they invented baby wipes and bibs.

About the Author

Dana Rasmussen writes about DIY tips, dating advice, and used office furniture. She spends every morning with her Ninja.

Do you have any recommendations in how to make it easier to make homemade baby food?

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vivek singh November 13, 2013 at 5:11 am

Such kind of food can easily be prepared by using food processor. I am having food processor i will try this recipe for my kid.


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