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Low Carb Diet Myths

written by Guest Blogger February 7, 2012

A friend of mine recently started a high protein diet and asked me how much carbs he should consume. While I gave him a generic answer, here’s a guest post by JC which explains low carb diets and how you should go about it if you wish to try it out to achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

Just as numerous diet plans have emerged in the markets, myths regarding low carb diets have increased also. Those who plan specific dieting techniques tend to ignore some of the essential facts and theories associated with them.


Consider the health of those who prefer egg, steak, bacon, burgers to dominate their diet. Don’t be surprised if they are plagued with lots of health complications. Against popular beliefs, low carbohydrate diets, when not implemented properly, can really be bad for you.

Now, let’s take a little more balanced and sensible look at this type of eating program. Take note: there are two important things that contribute to the success of dieting.

The first step is to discover the capabilities and limitations of your metabolism, while the second step involves monitoring the type of food you eat. However, the effects of low carb dieting might have more to do with your genetic type and body and have less to do with what you consume. If a low fat, high complex carbohydrate diet have left you feeling hungry and bad-tempered, then perhaps low-carb, high protein diet might be more suited for you.

A diet which is low in carb might be unhealthy or healthy, depending on how you practice it. Ignore preconceived ideas like the Atkins Diet, which suggests one to abandon all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is only a myth.

No recognized low carb eating programs recommend that you live completely on eggs and bacon for a month. The sad truth is that some people are eating lots of unhealthy, refined carbohydrates, filled with refined white flour and sugar. To decrease our overall intakes of these kinds of foods is to start a healthy progress towards lower carb eating.

Let’s presume that you have just discovered your compatibility with the protein category. This does not signify that you should mostly eat highly processed products with little fruit and vegetables and poor quality meat. As much as possible, eat the best quality food.

One who engages in this particular diet should prioritize the purchasing of good, locally supplied organic products. Avoid processed foods. In your cooking, use cold-pressed coconut or olive oil; carbohydrates you consume must be full of flavor and nutrients, not sugar.

The top secret to all eating programs is to properly read about them first. Be sure you recognize how they affect your health; purchase what you want and only then really begin your diet – whether it is a low carb, high carb or that no carb diet myth.

Four years ago for about 3 months, I performed a major cleanse (read: A Safe Enlightening 3 Day Fast, An Easy, Gentle Cleanse for a First-Timer and 5 Steps to Losing 25 lbs in 3 Months) and it felt fantastic! However, when I continued a vegetarian diet, my energy levels were low and I was irritable. I realized for my body type, I need lots of protein in my diet.

If you’re wondering, I suggested to my friend to incorporate at least 35-40% complex carbs in his meals while on his high protein diet. But of course, I’ll be sending him this blog post. Do you know your preferred diet based on your body type?

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Steve February 9, 2012 at 4:28 am

I believe it is best to eliminate carbs out of your diet until you’re under10% bodyfat for a man and under15% for a woman.

When you reach this point your body can handle a lot more carbs.

To get to this point eat just protein and fat and a couple of small servings of non starchy vegetables to keep your bowels moving.

I use strength training and metabolic typing for optimal results and I write about it here: http://www.radicalstrengthcoach.com/index.html

Head Health Nutter February 10, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Hey Steve, thanks for your comment and sharing your info.


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