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Lose Weight with These Healthy Summer Foods (Especially If You’re 40+)

written by Guest Blogger May 9, 2014

Are you or a loved one nearing middle age, or maybe you’ve already succeeded in living a good 40 or 50 years? If so, you’ll love today’s guest post by Charles Lopez. I’m closing in on 40 and have definitely noticed a slowing metabolism. After reading this, though, I’m ready to get back to my summer slim body!

Gaining weight is natural among all age groups, but as you reach forty, the chances of accumulating weight can increase remarkably. This is because the rate of metabolism of the body decreases with age and also the reaction of the body to different food items also changes.

Calorie control is an important aspect in the middle age. You need to cut down the calorie count in order to stay slim. This can be done either through consumption of fewer calories or exercising more or might be the combination of both. With low calorie count, you can slim down, even with low rate of metabolism.

Platter for Slimming Down

To determine your daily calorie count, there are few important points that you need to consider. First step is to calculate the BMR or the basal metabolic rate. You can find online BMR calculators (like this one). Your age and height are taken into consideration during the calculation. Depending on this, you need to plan your physical activities, as well as the volume of food intake. And it is especially important to derive the appropriate calories from the right kind of food.

Knowing your BMR can help you assess the appropriate number of servings and the total amount of food you should consume each day to keep you healthy while you lose weight (after getting to know the caloric count on different foods) . This takes care of the quantity, now the quality… the bottom line is the food which helps one shed the extra pounds are rich in nutrients.

Here are some foods to include:

  • Water is considered to be the elixir of life. In the summers, it is essential to have ample amount of water to keep the body hydrated and regulate the temperature of the body. It is especially beneficial for losing weight. In a recent study, it has been noted that the participants who drank more water tend to lose weight than the others who drank less.
  • Watermelon keeps the body hydrated in the summers as it contains 92 percent water. Research has shown that eating this fruit can satisfy you with fewer calories, thus helping you to stay slim. It keeps the body cool down, stabilizes mood stable and improves memory. The lycopene in this fruit also protects the skin.
  • Green vegetables greatly assist in cutting down the calorie count. These comprise of Vitamin K and Vitamin A, and a cup full of green vegetables can help you shed the extra weight. As per a recent study, green leafy vegetables can also reduce the instances of lung cancer.
  • Foods derived from Soybeans are another effective food for reducing the weight. These are packed with protein, healthy fat and can keep you full for hours. A half cup of these beans is equivalent to four slices of wheat bread. The Isoflavones present in the beans help in reducing the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Apart from shedding weight, it is also effective in fighting cancer, osteoporosis and heart diseases.
  • Salmon is packed with Vitamin D and calcium which helps reduce your waist line. It is effective especially for post-menopausal women. Two servings each week, can reduce the instance of heart diseases and also prevents breast cancer.
  • Flaxseed is another way of slimming down. It is rich in healthy fat and fiber. Research has proven that it soothes the symptoms related to mood and hormonal swings.

Keep your meal a balanced one. Excess amount of proteins and cheese can drain out the necessary calcium that is required to strengthen the bone. Ideally, your meal should comprise of proteins, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates. Also, limit the salt intake, 6 grams are the recommended limit and you need to stay within it.

About the Author Charles Lopez is a trainer and he has availed the medicare supplement plans for a recent ailment. In his blog, he has mentions more food that can help you to slim down after 40.

Alright! I calculated my BMR and now know I can lose 2 pounds a week if I restrict my caloric intake to 1300 and add just a few more days of exercise in a week. I’m so ready. And I’ll increase the amount of exercise slowly, too, to increase my metabolism. Are you ready to lose weight the healthy way now?

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