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Lose Weight & Stay Healthy with Boxing

written by Guest Blogger March 5, 2013

Are you ready to get tough with your weight? Last year I worked out with a personal trainer from G Force Home Training and I LOVED their Mauy Thai kick boxing inspired fitness program. I got fit fast, so read this guest post by Jefferey Morgan to find out how to kick start your fitness routine!

More people are thinking of losing their excess weight and improving their health and lifestyle, and one of the best sports that allows you to lose weight, get in shape and de-stress is boxing.

Boxing is a rigorous sport that can give you everything from confidence to calorie burning, and everything in between. It is a fantastic sport that can provide so much for so many people. If you’re thinking of giving your weight an ass-kicking, then maybe boxing could be the ideal solution for you.

Boxing Vs Other Forms of Exercise

There are a number of different exercise routines that you could take on in order to lose weight and improve your health; however boxing is one of the few exercises that actively works all of your body and provides a boost to your mental strength.

While many people opt for running, jogging, cycling or swimming, it has been noted that none of these sports provide as intensive and as thorough a workout as boxing can provide. Although the treadmill seems like a quick and easy solution for so many, it may not be the best way for you to go. Conventional exercises are often dropped because they quickly become tedious and monotonous.

If you are carrying an excessive amount of weight then you may want to consider another form of exercise to help you lose the majority of the weight before you sign up to a boxing class. This is because boxing requires speed, balance and agility, attributes that don’t come easily to an overweight person. There’s nothing more embarrassing than always having your butt kicked, so if you’re really keen to become a boxer, be sure to lose the excess pounds (or be prepared to use them to your advantage!).

pushupsWith that said, a single boxing session lasting 60 minutes can burn up to 500 calories. This is substantially more than jogging or light workouts at the gym, but not as much as you would burn from 1 hour’s worth of fast road cycling.

Boxing is designed to help people of all shapes and sizes, just be sure that your local gym has an ideal sparring buddy that you can be paired up with. Because of the varied training that comes with boxing, it is a great exercise for improving and strengthening the heart, so if cardio is your main concern then boxing is definitely a good exercise for you to consider.

Many boxers say that boxing is the only sport that provides such a massive amount of stress relief. While the endorphins released by other sports may satisfy the stress relief needs of the relaxed and laid back kind of folk, it seems boxing is an ideal stress relief sport for those that endure high stress levels.

It is the art of defence that attracts a number of people to boxing. The feeling of defenselessness can strike both men and women, and rather than continuing to feel helpless many people seek out a sport that can help alleviate any concerns they have over their safety.

Boxing – It’s Not a Sport, its A Lifestyle Choice

Boxing is much more than just an exercise routine, it is a lifestyle choice. As you start to see results you’ll begin caring more and more about how you perform, which will in turn make you open your eyes and see what lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your performance in the ring.

Little things such as controlling aggression right through to the food you consume can make the world of difference to your performance in the ring.

Many non boxers think that boxers have an unhealthy obsession with both the sport and their performance, but what these people don’t realise is that boxing is an almost primal form of sport, and once a person taps into this it’s very difficult to see rhyme or reason in the modern way of life, with its processed food and comforting items.

Boxing is much more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle choice.

About the Author

Jefferey Morgan is a fitness expert as well as a writer who writes on fitness topics. He and his daughter usually workout together and they love boxing as a fitness workout. Recently he purchased Ringside Boxing gloves replacing the old ones.

Jefferey makes a good point about aggression – when I was doing my G Force workouts, I was going through a particularly rough time emotionally (a major life change). Through the boxing, I was releasing and processing my anger, hurt and frustration in a healthy, constructive way. (Read The Hidden Benefits of  Working Out & Eating Well for more on this!)

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Kelly Williams March 22, 2013 at 9:36 am

I agree. Its not a sport but a lifestyle choice. I hope you enjoy boxing and you stay fit and shape.


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