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Lose Weight Naturally: 10 Tips to Cut the Flab

written by Guest Blogger February 27, 2016

Do you have belly fat that just hangs around no matter what? In today’s article by guest blogger, Jefferey Morgan, you’ll learn some very helpful tips in how to naturally get rid of that stubborn belly fat! 

Fat which accumulates around your stomach is usually the hardest to shift and is actually one of the worst types of fat. It’s often indicative of an increased risk of a variety of diseases. Unfortunately it does not always respond to the classic approach to weight loss; a dynamic fitness plan. In fact, belly fat is made worse by stressful situations and dieting can be extremely stressful.

There are better ways to rid your body of this excess fat:

1. Sleep

This is an exceptionally important part of anyone’s regime. An adequate amount of sleep per night is said to be between six and eight hours. Lack of sleep will disrupt your body’s natural patterns and will often give you sugar cravings; a result of your tiredness producing the hormone ghrelin. This hormone makes you crave sugar which will keep you going when you are tired. Unfortunately this will affect your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and can cause insulin insensitivity; which will increase your belly fat!

2. Exercise in short bursts

Huge amounts of exercise will burn calories and build muscles; but it will not remove the excess fat on your stomach and you will not see the benefit of your muscle building exercises for some time. Short bursts of energy are far more effective at destroying belly fat. Walking around frequently during the day will help as will doing three or four sets of planks every day.

3. Diet

Sugar needs to be eliminated as much as possible from your diet. Focus on protein rich foods, vegetables; whole grains and fiber which are all excellent ways at keeping you full for longer and avoiding those sugar cravings!

4. Vitamin C

Cortisol has already been mentioned; excessive amounts of this will increase your belly fat. However, it can be controlled by consuming vitamin C; which will also reduce your chance of catching a cold. The body also uses vitamin C to produce carnitine which can then be used to convert fat into energy for your body. This makes vitamin C your best friend!

5. Good Fat

You are probably aware that there are good fats and bad fats. The good ones are essential for your body in order to help it burn the fat in your body. Consuming a moderate amount of omega-3 fatty acids daily, from products like walnuts, salmon or even avocados will help you to burn the belly fat.

6. Breathing

Stress is a key cause of cortisol release in the body; therefore, if you start to feel stressed take a moment to slow your breathing. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and remain calm. Focus your efforts on breathing out slowly, you can even say “slow down” if it helps!

7. Aerobic exercise

This is an excellent way of removing the stubborn belly fat. Aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling and swimming, are all excellent for targeting the weight across all of your body. Ideally this should be built into your short bursts of energy. The recommended exercise amount for losing belly fat is aiming to run twelve miles over the course of a week.

8. Vinegar

This bizarre method has been tried and tested in several research programs and has been shown to be effective at reducing belly fat. Take one or two tablespoons of vinegar everyday for eight weeks; you will notice the difference.

9. Yoga

This is a more strenuous exercise than it may appear, but you do not need to attempt the advanced, complicated positions! Yoga teaches you how to calm your mind and soul; this reduces stress and reduces the body’s need to produce cortisol.

10. Skipping meals

To lose the belly fat it is essential not to skip meals! If you do not eat, your body will enter starvation mode. Your body will start to use your muscle tissue to create energy for your body and it will store any fat it can get to ensure you can survive as long as possible. This fat is stored on your belly! Skipping meals will actually make your belly fat worse!

Whatever you do, just don’t give up hope. Just because you’ve tried 10 diets, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose that extra weight. Eat right, work out and you’ll see results in no time.

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