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Lose Fat after the Holidays with these 5 Super High Calorie Burning Activities

written by Guest Blogger December 23, 2015

Why wait until January 1st to start your new weight-loss program? I’m beginning mine on Boxing Day and starting with a combination of the 5 activities in today’s article. Keep reading for some great workout ideas from guest blogger, Demmy James, of Muscle & Strength!   

The holidays are meant for gathering together with family and eating great food with no worries about dieting. However, after the holidays it is time to get back into a healthy mindset and get rid of the extra calories that were eaten. Waiting too long will cause you to become lazy and get into the thought process of not caring about what you eat, and this will only lead to extra fat gains. Below are the 5 super high calorie burning activities that you should be performing.

#1: Run for 45-60 Minutes

Running for 15 minutes is great for your body, but if you want to burn enough calories then 45-60 minutes is your best option. This allows your body to go into a fat burning energy cycle after all the sugar in your body has been used up. You can change things up if you feel you are getting bored from just running by adding in mixed intervals. Intervals are when you go from high intensities to low, or vice versa.

An example could be in this order:

  • Running for 15 minutes
  • Jogging for 10 minutes
  • Perform a brief sprint (50-100 yards)
  • Jog for another 5 minutes
  • Run for the rest of the time left over

#2: Bleacher and Stair Runs

Let’s spice things up with another type of cardio training that builds leg muscles, increases endurance, and of course burns some serious calories. Bleacher runs would be when you “snake” through each row of a section at a brisk pace until you reach the top, and then snake down the next set of rows. Repeat until every row has been hit. Stair runs will follow immediately after. Sprint to the top of the first set of stairs; jog across the top row and down the next set of stairs. Repeat until all sets of stairs have been hit.

#3: Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells burn calories fast since you are simultaneously performing strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training. This is possible because kettlebells have a unique shape to them that require strength to grip and move the weight, but cardio and endurance to continue the movements quickly and efficiently. You could use various kettlebell exercises, or keep it simple by performing kettlebell swings for x5 sets of x25 repetitions. Want to burn more calories?

Then consider doing this with your kettlebell training program:

  • 15 kettlebell swings
  • 1 minute of jumping rope
  • 15 kettlebell swings
  • 1 minute of mountain climbers
  • X3 more sets of kettlebell swings with 30 second rest times between sets

#4: Mixing Up Various Exercises

You do not need much to perform cardio training at home and away from the cold, but you should invest in a simple jump rope to make training more intense. You want to keep your heart rate at an elevated state so your internal body temperature is high and calories are being used up quickly. This is accomplished by performing various exercises back-to-back, which means no breaks in between exercises.

Here is an easy workout program at home you can try:

  • 1 minute jump roping
  • 1 minute mountain climbers
  • 25 squat thrusts
  • 25 8-count body builders
  • 1 minute mountain climbers
  • 1 minute jump roping

#5: Aerobic Interval Bike Training

You can find this equipment in almost every gym, or you may own one personally. Using an aerobic bike machine takes off a lot of pressure on your joints when compared to running, and is better on your feet as well. However, the bike can make cardio a little too easy, so you want to change the intervals just like with the running program previously discussed.

All you have to do is start off at a moderate rate of speed, increase it to a higher rate, and then slightly decrease it just below the highest intensity. Change the incline of your machine if possible to make it even more difficult to perform since you require more power to get the bike up the “hill”.

Burning Calories after the Holidays does not have to be Hard!

If you always wonder how to lose fat around this time of the year, the 5 super high calorie burning activities given to you today are easy to perform and definitely burn off any excessive calories. You should motivate yourself to get started immediately after the holidays to ensure no fat is able to be retained from all the great foods you have eaten.

Remember to walk it off after each type of training to prevent your muscles from tightening up and/or having frequent muscle spasms throughout the day. Ensure that you drink plenty of water as well to stay hydrated and prevent any serious injuries. The weather outside may be cold, but your body still needs water to train efficiently.

About the Author

Demmy James is a fitness buff as well as a strength and conditioning specialist. He is also a content contributor for Muscle & Strength.

Do you have any favourite high calorie burning workouts?

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