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Local Food vs. Imported Food

written by Head Health Nutter April 10, 2010

When you go to your local grocery store, do you choose food grown in your country? Can you even find it in the overflowing aisles? The healthiest, most nutritious food is the freshest – harvested at just the right moment of ripeness and consumed almost immediately.

When our grandparents (and even some of our parents) ate meals, they received the full benefit of nature. Their food was bursting with nutrition! Not only were soil erosion, pollution and commercial use of pesticides not as prominent as they are now, but importing food was an expensive and rare occurrence.

It’s healthy to vary your diet and it IS a blessing that we can consume foreign foods. However, our grocery stores in Canada (and probably yours if you live in the States) have gone over the deep end with importing food. We, like the United States, have rich farmland and the ability to be self-sustainable.

But when I go grocery shopping, I see more imports (even food we grow here!) than local. To back this up, Helmann’s produced a 2:43 minute video with startling statistics to raise awareness for the importance of choosing and consuming local food (see above).

If you live in the United States, do you know how much food is imported? Do your grocery stores post the origins of the food they sell?

I’d like to know why Canada allows food that we produce here to be imported into the country. What’s the point? Why waste money on food we can produce here? And why not produce more of it so we can export it to other countries who cannot make the same food so we can bolster Canada’s economy?

What do you think of the numbers Helmann’s has shared with us in this video, Readers? Will you start choosing more local food in order to support local farmers and your own nutritional health?

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