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Let’s Conquer Cold & Flu Season!

written by Guest Blogger January 9, 2016

Has winter hit your `hood yet? Here in Ontario, Canada, we`ve experienced a prolonged autumn (it was 17 degrees Celsius on Christmas Day!) and extreme weather conditions that yo-yo from beautiful to -28 degrees C. Everyone`s getting sick! Maybe this infographic which busts flu myths may help you conquer the cold & flu season. 

While the temperatures may not cause us to get sick, it definitely doesn’t help us stay healthy! Cold temperatures are notorious for bringing with them a whole slew of problems, from busting workout routines, throwing out our backs shoveling snow, to coming down with a cold or the flu. Take a look at this infographic Bankers Healthcare Group has put together to help educate people about the myths surrounding flu season:


About the Source

If you’re not already familiar with Bankers Healthcare Group, take a look at their company website. They provide financing solutions for medical professionals so their doctors can stay well equipped to keep everyone healthy!

Do you have any cold/flu myths to bust? Any facts missed in this infographic?

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