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Learn to Live a Well-Balanced & Healthy Life

written by Guest Blogger February 10, 2015

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done, isn’t it? In our Information-filled society, taking advice and acting on it is difficult because you don’t know where to start! Today’s guest blogger, Evenlyn Golston, shares with us some of the basics of living a healthy lifestyle.  

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

In today’s rapidly evolving and changing world, it is sometimes hard to find a truly reliable and trustworthy source of information. And because there are so many preventable illnesses and diseases in the Western culture, many people are struggling to discover how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Although Live Lighter teaches that everyone is an individual with a unique composition, several aspects of the human body (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) require the same type of maintenance and care. Working on all of these aspects, internally and externally, you can dare to achieve full harmony (e.i. balanced well-being).

List of Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Let’s take a look at each aspect of a healthy life separately in order to figure out what we need to do as a lifestyle:


First, a healthy body is a healthy mind (or can it work both ways?). You’ve got to take a look at how to develop your body and remain in a good shape. There are several ways to keep your body healthy.

Initially, of course, you should check what you are eating. A well-rounded diet of fresh, wholesome foods will definitely ensure the health of your body from the inside out. Reducing the amount of food rich with the “bad” fats (e.g. saturated) will definitely be a good start. Maintaining cholesterol levels within acceptable limits drastically increases the chances that you’ll live a happy and long life.

Consume more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, lean protein and healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, etc.). The perfect diet is dependent on your current weight, age (metabolism) and activity levels. Controlling your weight (either gaining, losing or maintaining), is based on caloric intake and expenditure. If you cannot naturally gauge the calories you need in a day based on these factors, see your doctor and come up with a daily meal plan to provide your body with sufficient amount of nutrients while achieving your health goals.

Another success tip for improving your physical health is, of course, sports. There is nothing more effective than maintaining your body in a good shape, especially while playing in a team with a healthy dose of competitiveness. Any physical activity increases the rate of blood circulation in your body and ensures muscular activity.

Add regular weekly workouts to your routine and they will pay you in the long run, more so when you are aged. Studies show that the healthiest elderly folks are those who worked on their cardio and muscular strength in their younger years. Regardless of the current physical conditions of your body, you can select the type of sports and workouts that would benefit you in the best manner and develop your body according to your preferences.

Mind & Soul

One more important aspect worth consideration is your internal development. Your mind and soul should undoubtedly remain in harmony in order for you to live a healthy life in all aspects. Fortunately, there are lots of practices that can help you with this – yoga (which also improves flexibility!), meditation, inspirational articles, video podcasts, books, magazines etc.

Finally the main thing is to make the correct decision – live a healthy life! It will make you (and your loved ones) happy now and in the future.

About the Author

Check out more articles by Evenlyn Golston at EssayJedi.com and benefit yourself even more! 

Can you suggest any more activities that help develop the mind and soul? I personally love puzzles to build the brain muscle, and books full of positivity to help with my soul. 

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