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Laugh Along with this Human Dummy

written by Head Health Nutter March 28, 2011

A Live Lighter reader reminded me that part of “living lighter” is taking life a little less seriously than we often do. We can get so caught up in personal development that we forget to laugh! So take a moment for a giggle with this funny video of a human ventriloquist and his dummy.

There’s some really great stand up comedy out there to be discovered and Paul Zerdin is one of my latest finds (thanks to my honey for sending me the video). Here he is in a clip from one of his gigs at the Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford (the best is the volunteer human dummy – he knows how to get into role!).

Now how’s that for letting someone else pull the strings for awhile? Sometimes we just have to step back from our challenges, see where the Universe is directing us, let it take the lead for a bit and remember to have a little fun.

Question: When was the last time you let loose and allowed the Universe to guide your actions?

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