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Latest Buzz in Weight Loss Supplements

written by Guest Blogger May 18, 2014

Do you believe in weight loss supplements? What if they’re natural? Here’s another potentially controversial article by guest blogger, Jefferey Morgan! 

It seems there’s always something new in the world of weight loss supplements. Scientists continue to synthesize new compounds, and researchers are working hard to test different approaches to see which are effective. In the last two years there have been various studies released, and news about some new weight loss supplements.

Here’s the buzz:

Resveratrol Supplements

Resveratrol in an extract found in grape skin and red wine. This supplement hit the news in 2003 and 2006, when Harvard scientist David Sinclair published his research results showing that it slowed aging in mice and extended their life span. Studies since then have showed contradictory results, and the product is controversial.

Some research studies have shown that Resveratrol can help reduce cardiovascular disease. A couple of recent results have focused on Resveratrol’s effect on the metabolism. A Dutch team found that obese men who took this daily had decreased liver fat, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar. These metabolic changes could lead to weight loss.

A French study tested the product with lemurs, and found that animals who were given Resveratrol ate less and gained less weight than a control group. Their resting metabolic rate was higher, which suggested that Resveratrol was acting as a metabolism booster.

While animal studies like this do show metabolism boosting effects, studies on humans have yielded disappointing results. Research continues, but there are currently no human studies that show the same boosted metabolic rates. In spite of the lack of evidence from human trials, Resveratrol is already incorporated in a number of weight loss supplements.

DHEA Supplements

DHEA stands for dehydropiandrosterone, which is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced in the human body. Its effects include boosting energy levels and helping you maintain muscle mass. Taking DHEA supplements has also been shown to increase levels of the hormones testosterone and estrogen. DHEA levels in the body decrease as a person ages, and some researchers believe it could provide anti-aging effects.

A number of studies have shown that DHEA can decrease levels of body fat, particularly in older individuals. A three year study from Washington University showed that people taking a 50 mg dose of DHEA each day showed a significant decrease in their amount of abdominal fat. Another study showed that it had no effect on adolescents, so it appears to only be effective in people over 40, who are producing a lower level of DHEA naturally.

The Mayo Clinic website gives DHEA a B rating for obesity, saying that the majority of trials do support its use for this purpose, but further research is being conducted.

HCA (Hydroxycitrate Acid) from Garcinia Cambodia

The HCA extract that comes from the dried rind of the Garcinia Cambodia plant has been an Indian folk remedy for centuries. Once used for stomach and joint problems, it looks like the extract is excellent for people trying to lose weight. Many famous supplements we see today on the market contain HCA in their composition such as Bio-Max 3000, Citrin, Garcinia Trim-Pulse, PhyrtriMax and more.

Research shows that HCA reduces fat absorption, inhibits appetite, boosts the metabolism, and decreases LDL “bad” cholesterol.

White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract has been called a fat blocker as it lowers the body’s absorption of starches. A well-known study by Nicholas Perricone showed that taking 445 mg per day of this extract caused weight loss, even when the participants were still on a high carb diet. The way this works is that the bean extract inhibits the working of an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates. This slows down the body’s ability to digest and absorb them, so in essence you get less carbs from the starches you eat.

As you can see, there are many weight loss supplements today that promise visible results. Some of them have been advertised over and over again, while others are not that widespread on the market. The key ingredient though is to combine supplementation with a healthy lifestyle, otherwise the yo-yo effect will kick in. There’s nothing more unpleasant than losing a lot of weight with supplements and proper food, and putting that weight back on because of inappropriate diet habits.

About the Author

The article is authored by a regular writer and blogger Jefferey Morgan. He basically writes on health and fitness related issues and has a great knowledge on the related niche. Apart he love to read books at his free time.

Have you tried any of these supplements or researched them? Share your thoughts, opinions and experience with us in the comments below!

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