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Killer Healthy Sleep Tips Which Work Forever

written by Guest Blogger July 1, 2013

Sleep can be sometimes very elusive and yet is one of the most important aspects of living a healthier lifestyle. Check out today’s guest post by Kelly for tips in sleeping more soundly.

In our quest to lead a successful life, we often compromise on a healthy sleep. Sleeping insufficiently harms our system in the long run- sometimes irreparably. Sleeping time-span of a day is assigned to relax and replenish your body, so that you can feel fresh in the morning and ready to face the hurdles coming your way. Depending on the age group, ideal sleep duration varies from six to eight hours.

Here are some sleep tips which you need to follow to stay healthy and heal naturally from sleeping disorders:

Avoid nicotine before going to bed and cut out caffeine

Caffeine is a bitter natural base containing nitrogen found in coffee seeds and tea leaves, responsible for their stimulating effects and it can keep you awake for hours. It stays in your blood for a long time and keeps your mind alert for eight hours or more at a stretch. So it would be wise to avoid the intake of caffeine when you are planning to have a sound sleep.

The idea of a smoke before bed sounds tempting and feels relaxing after a hectic day at work. It is important to remember that the nicotine present in that little stick is going to play as a stimulant and you are going to stay awake for hours ahead. The choice is yours: “smoke” and not to sleep or “no smoke” for a healthy sleep.

Say no to alcohol before bedtime

It is possible that you fall asleep very easily when you have had a couple of hard drinks after or during dinner. The fact is that the kind of sleep alcohol induces is less restful and one tends to wake up multiple times during the night. So it is better to refrain from having alcohol just before going to bed.

Regular exercise can help you get a good night’s sleep

We may be busy, but we must exercise for at least thirty minutes daily. This restores and maintains health. A quick and energetic walk for half an hour and taking the stairs instead of elevators during the day are small and highly encouraged steps to find healthy sleep. The simple logic behind this is that when you are physically tired you are more likely to fall sound sleep. According to studies, exercising in the morning even helps recover from insomnia.

Eating habit that catalyzes sleep

Neither being hungry nor taking a heavy meal before going to sleep is recommended. When you are too full, generally it makes your body uncomfortable and you may find it difficult to sleep. When you are starving, your mind is concentrated on food, so in this case, too, you cannot sleep. Tryptophan is a constituent of milk that promotes sleep. Hence, drinking a glass of milk before bedtime is suggested. Meat, eggs, cherries, oatmeal, bananas, (one glass of) wine, etc., are some other food items that enhance sleep.

Keep your pets off the bed when sleeping

The tendency of pets are to roll and stretch while sleeping, which may be disturbing for a human sleeping with them. Keep the bed for yourself and transfer the pet to floor or pet-bed. This will result in a healthier sleep for both you.

Bedrooms are better when dark, quiet and comfortable. Light might be a problem for many people when trying to sleep. The best solution is to keep your laptop and television away from the bedroom. Use a small light night lamp so that you don’t find it difficult to fall back asleep if you wake up in between for any reason. Pull the curtains closed before going to sleep. If the slightest of sound disturbs your sleep, get ear plugs. Temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is suggested by doctors for ideal sleeping conditions.

De-stress before going to sleep

Stress is a violent and needless disturbance contributed to messing with people’s sleep. There are a few pre-sleep rituals that you can go through to break yourself from the stress that you have experienced throughout the entire day. Practice a little meditation or “yoga-nindra”- it has been accepted as the best therapy for a healthy sleep.

Aroma therapy and a hot or cold bath as per the climatic conditions can also be good for a pleasant sleep. Putting lavender into a warm bath before bedtime can relax the mind and body. You can also opt for Tai Chi- another form of meditation of the Chinese origin which helps to induce sleep naturally. It is considered highly relaxing and healthy.

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Kelly is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on www.punchh.com.

Do you have any sleep tips to add to Kelly’s list?

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