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Keep In Touch With Nature This Winter

written by Guest Blogger November 13, 2013

Today’s guest post is very different, but I believe will be super helpful as we prepare for the long, dark nights ahead of us. Lewis Goulding shares with us 6 ways to stay in touch with Nature as we head indoors for a few months!

As Fall slowly retreats into hibernation, the arrival of Winter can be seen in the trees shedding leaves and heard in the pitter patter of rain. Now is a good time to turn to home comforts to rejuvenate the soul and ready us for the cold months ahead, as rain eventually turns to snow, and everything goes still.

Here are a few things that can really warm your heart in Winter and keep you in touch with Mother Earth:

  1. Candlelight. One of the 4 core elements, fire is warming and mesmerizing. The shimmering of candlelight in your home will create ambiance and help you relax.
  2. Hearth Time. Cuddling up in front of an open fire is one of life’s delights. Whether you’re spending time with your partner, your kids, your dog, cat or alone, there’s something arcane about bringing the raw energy of fire into your home.
  3. The Sound of Rain. One of my favourite things is sitting in the conservatory and listening to the rain fall on the roof. I find it so therapeutic, like a thousand tiny drums changing tempo as the rain gets lighter or heavier.
  4. The Colour of Leaves. I went to my local park last week and collected a bunch of fallen leaves, conkers, berries and acorns. I will continue to do this every week through winter and collect all the different colours of the season. I’ll use these for decoration, maybe an old photo frame or a pot pourri. Collecting bits of nature and crafting them into something unique and personal is a very calming experience.
  5. Decorate. You can go one or two different ways with your home interiors in Winter; if you want to align with the brightness of Winter in snow, then create a clean, minimal feel by painting walls white. Alternatively, you might want to align with Autumn and bring pastels and terracottas into your home.
  6. Accessorize. Bringing bright colours into your home will keep your youthful side alert. Introducing bright greens, oranges and reds into your accessories and soft furnishings will put a smile on your face every time you arrive home.

About the Author

This article was written by Lewis Goulding for Furniture Plus Online, a UK retailer specializing in solid Oak and Pine home furniture.

Can you think of any great ways to keep in touch with Nature during the wintery months?

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