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Keep Calm And Yoga On

written by Guest Blogger January 12, 2015

In November I had a full physical by a new doctor. The results all came back superb (except my cholesterol was high within the healthy range)! I mentioned how I was having difficulty managing the stress in my life. Do you know what she prescribed? YOGA! She said yoga helps with SO many things (she didn’t have time to elaborate). Today’s guest blogger, Meghan Greene, shares with us a few ways to improve or start a yoga practice.   

Yoga is a practice of serenity and peace, and in modern society it is easy to get overwhelmed with stress and responsibility. Dr. Amit Ray, the spiritual master said it best, “Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science and integrating body, mind and soul.” The following are tactics to help every yogi keep calm and yoga on.

BODY: De-stressing with food

Eating the right foods can propel you to the perfect state of Zen. The following super foods have scientifically been linked to reducing stress. Our bodies have no natural way of storing zinc, and studies have shown that low levels of it have been linked to anxiety and stress. To combat this, eat a handful of cashews daily. Salmon is another great food to integrate into one’s diet. The fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has been shown to reduce the feeling of unease in the brain.

A rich green vegetable such as spinach or broccoli is always a great nutritional boost. Spinach is rich in magnesium, a mineral that promotes feelings of well-being in the body. Eating healthy can be hard for those with a sweet tooth, so try dark chocolate to satisfy a craving and promote peace in the body. To keep the body in good health a diet full of nutritious foods is a must.

For more information check out What is a Healthy Diet?

MIND: Finding inner peace with a daily yoga routine

Developing a daily yoga routine can help you focus introspectively and improve your mental state. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task, set aside 10-15 minutes daily to focus on yoga practice. At the beginning of each week pick one topic or pose to focus on, such as improving your balance, and spend the week focusing on that goal while incorporating other poses. Before starting the yoga session take a moment to look inward and reflect on your state of being. Take this time to leave any mental stressors at the door and focus on positive energy. Practice poses done in class or imitate your favorite poses from yoga blogs or video tutorials, here is a great tutorial for the Camel Pose.

SOUL: Yoga Practices

Practicing yoga in a community environment helps individuals feel more connected and at a peace with the activity. Yoga centers are studio environments that offer classes, workshops, visiting instructors and teaching training. The variety of activities offered at yoga centers helps keep clients healthy, engaged, and excited about yoga.

Yoga teacher training is a great way to learn yoga or learn how to teach it. The training includes the general program, contact hours, homework, and an exam. After successfully completing all of these steps, participants are then qualified to teach yoga. This fulfilling process introduces you to the history and comprehensive practices of yoga. In addition, you will you make inspiring friendships, which help create a personalized yoga community.

Body, Mind, and Soul Together

Yoga retreats, such as Samahita Retreat in Thailand, are valuable yoga tools because they nourish the body, mind, and soul collectively. Such Retreats teach and educate that eating a healthy yet enriching diet is a key part of the experience. The ingredients used for the meals should be organic and local, which offer healthy nutrients for the body and mind, and the Thai flavors for example, are sure to excite. In addition to being organic and local, the meals are based off of “Sattva,” a Sanskrit word that means pure, light, and easy to digest.

The tranquil atmosphere at great Yoga Retreats helps create perfect environments for personal meditation. Isolated from society, the Retreats are often void of most modern distractions, which allows participants to focus solely on introspective thought.

Yoga Retreats are wonderful places to begin or continue your yoga journey. It is important to take the practices learned there, home with you and incorporate them into your daily life to better your health and yoga daily practice.

It is easy to let the chaos of life bog you down, but don’t let it! Incorporate some healthy and stress relieving foods into your diet. Develop a daily yoga and meditation routine to help focus on the Zen. Lastly, become apart of a yoga community and work on enriching the soul. Utilize any or all of these tips and you will be well on your way to keep calm and yoga on.

About the Author

Meghan Greene is a vital part of the SEO and Content Development team at The Marketing Zen Group & Samahita Retreat. Meghan attends Elon University, double majoring in Marketing and International Business.

Do you have any suggestions in how to improve or start a yoga practice?

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