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Just Let Go… and Get What You Want

written by Head Health Nutter February 2, 2010

Are you happy? Or do you feel stuck in a reoccurring nightmare which you call your life? This post is in honour of Groundhog Day and several lessons learned from the inspiring 90’s movie named after it.

This past weekend I attended a private movie screening of Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a cantankerous weatherman stuck in a time loop where he relives the same day (one he was dreading to begin with) over again.

(This movie screening was hosted by motivational specialist, Emmanuel Lopez – Motivatorman, and included a lively discussion afterward concerning the lessons presented in the movie. For another movie message, read his latest post, Tip #326: The Power of Acknowledgment – Groundhog Day.)

The day, place, people and main events remain the same and no matter what Phil does (including several suicide attempts) he cannot break free from this frustrating cycle.

Sound familiar?

This movie is enlightening (and funny as hell!) for it’s many inspiring messages but the one that’s most significant to this post is it’s mirror of reality: tomorrow never comes.

Think about it: when tomorrow does come, it’s today!

This is a great representation of the wisdom passed on by sages: the past is gone, the future is unknown and today is all we have, that’s why it’s called a gift: the Present.

How does focusing on today help us get what we want?

Although it remains Groundhog Day for Phil Connors throughout the movie, the way the day plays out changes in response to his behaviour, attitude and words. He affects his world everyday based on his choices.

The lesson here is to make daily choices that will bring you closer to the future you want.

“Be, do and say today what you want to experience tomorrow.”

Every day is a new day. You have a chance to change what you do today, for a different tomorrow. You may not see these changes right away, but they will come.

Once you develop a consistent, daily practice of what you want to see in your tomorrow, you’ll wake up one day with exactly what you want!

The trick to getting what you want
(Warning for those who haven’t seen Groundhog Day: do not read this next paragraph.)

Once Phil accepts his current predicament and uses it to his benefit in order to positively transform his life and those around him, he finally breaks free of his bonds. February 3rd arrives.

What happened? Well, have you ever tried to lose weight and despite your good intentions, you fail and then eventually, if not sooner, give up?

It’s because most of us tend to live in the past or future.

With a weight issue, maybe you’ve failed in the past and believe that you’ll always be overweight or that it’s too hard. Or maybe you believe it’s genetics and there’s really no use even trying.

Is your email out of control? Why? Tell the truth now. For some people, they fear deleting information because they know they will need it in the future. Sometime in the future. When they finally get around to those intended projects.

The trick to making lasting changes in your life is to Just Let Go. Let go of whatever is stopping you from making the necessary changes today for a better tomorrow. When you let go of your past experiences, beliefs, preconceived notions, expectations, negative emotions and resistance to change, you open yourself up to new possibilities.

To be clear, letting go does not mean forgetting or ignoring the past or the future. There are important lessons in our past, as well as in our negative emotions. As for the future, setting goals are an important part of realizing our dreams.

We prevent getting what we want when we allow our restricting emotions (e.g. fear, worry, anxiety, guilt, regret, etc.) about the past and future to affect what’s happening in the Now. We get what we want by enjoying the Now.

So what are we saying in this post?

  1. Start today building a daily practice around what you want in the future. Take baby steps and begin developing a habit. If you want to lose weight, start by making a commitment to eat 1 extra serving of vegetables and walk 10 minutes every day. When you’re ready, increase it to 2 veggies and a 20 minute walk daily.
  2. Enjoy today. Choose practices that you find pleasurable and will bring you closer to what you want.
  3. And… Just let go.

What can you start doing today that will bring you closer to living the life you love? If you’d like to share, what is it that you’ll be letting go to make this happen?

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman February 3, 2010 at 9:27 am

Wow, thanks for this post on Groundhog Day movie which happens to be my all-time favourite film! I loved your insight that “tomorrow never comes” which can help people to live more in the now. As you said it’s why they call it the present because it is a gift!

And great insight about being mindful about our “restrictive emotions”. You revealed a big key for breaking out of our own private “Groundhog Day” loops.


Head Health Nutter February 3, 2010 at 2:56 pm

You are most welcome for the blog post, Emmanuel; I wouldn’t have written it without you and your private screening of Groundhog Day! So thank you! 🙂

Steph @ Live Lighter.org


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