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Join a Real Private Gym… at Home

written by Guest Blogger September 30, 2012

 Now that you’ve cleaned your home without chemistry, how about setting up your own cost-effective home gym? With the colder months, it’s much easier to find excuses not to get out and exercise. Guest blogger, Amandine, gives us a few tips in how we can stay at home and workout!   

Soon the nights will be drawing in and to maintain a healthy lifestyle when it is too cold or wet to exercise outdoors, many people turn to home gym equipment. This is particularly true for those living in the city where there are fewer green spaces for running or power walking after work and gym membership is expensive.

The easiest piece of equipment to use for all-round benefits is the treadmill. It allows you to walk or run for miles at a time that suits you. What’s more is it doesn’t matter whether it’s snowing outside; you can still workout indoors.

The convenience of having a machine in your home means that even if you work night shifts that prevent you from attending a gym, you can still keep up a routine that bring health benefits. This comes as good news for your wallet, too! Rather than paying a monthly gym membership (with an initial investment just below £100 (about $160 Cdn or US), you will get to stay fit throughout the cold months and for the rest of the year.

If daily sessions on your own treadmill will help you improve overall muscle tone and cardio, there are more ways to keep fit at home without splashing out too much money.

You can start by adding some more equipment to your personal gym: something as basic a yoga mat will be a perfect companion for your daily push-ups and knee-bends and is generally available for as little as $15 on many online stores.

Even dumbbells, the most essential tools for your biceps, come for less than $25 at most stores and will help you add strength to the upper part of your body. If you feel like investing some more for your own fitness, weightlifting benches and squat bars can be very affordable additions, even more so if you find them used.

Finally, if you think the guidance of a fitness instructor is all that’s lacking during your workouts, you shouldn’t forget that DVDs and books with schedules for all kind of physical exercise are also extremely cheap: why not buy one for less than a $10 from your local charity shop?

 About the Author

Amandine Prieve is a French traveller and full-time mum settled in the UK. She’s enjoys writing about fitness, travel and parenting.

One of my good friends has made space in her house for a treadmill and she swears by it for keeping fit in the darker months. For me, I love getting outside for cardio but do have a yoga mat, dumbbells, an exercise ball and DVDs for my home gym. What do you have at home to help you keep fit?  

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