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It’s Not My Fault: Fat Thought

written by Guest Blogger June 5, 2012

I am a strong believer that reality is subjective. It’s all in how you look at things; in other words, your perspective. I also believe that whatever you believe creates your reality. Here’s the next interesting installment of Lysa and Gina’s guest series for Live Lighter!

“Fat Thought” – It’s not my fault!

One of the most prevalent thoughts among those who struggle with their weight is, ‘It’s not my fault!’ It’s my mother, she fed me too much. It’s my father, he always drinks all weekend long. It’s my Aunty, she always gave me sweets when I was sad… my Nana always served desserts after dinner… my boyfriend is just one of those guys who can eat anything…

We’ve heard so many unique variations on this. So many of us have had a plethora of people we blame or have blamed for our trouble with weight!

Blaming others seems to help us understand our situation better in the moment, but the truth is… whenever we blame others for our choices, we render ourselves powerless to change. Because it’s true, all the people in our lives have differing degrees of influence over our thoughts, choices and behavior.

But really, they have no more power to affect us than we choose to give them.

“Slim Thought” – I am responsible for me, I can create what I want and I’m free to choose.

Once Gina and I decided to take responsibility for ourselves, we started becoming more aware of what we were choosing in each moment. Once we saw opportunities to make choices, we focused more on what choices would be the ones to help us move forward to where we wanted to be.

So many people avoid this step because it means acknowledging that we are the only ones who have gotten ourselves where we are. And that can hurt a lot. I was a size 20 at my biggest and it was so hard for me, I didn’t want to admit that I had gotten myself there. But without making that painful step, you can’t go on to realize that you are the only one with the power to change your reality.

So accepting this pain brings incredible power. Gina has an awesome affirmation that reminds us, ‘I am responsible for everything I think, feel, say and do’. It helps us to feel the power that comes when we know that we are free to choose in every moment.

Some people struggle with this idea, because it can plunge them into a pit of guilt. They feel so disappointed in themselves for making some of the decisions that they have in the past. This is unproductive; we are each moving through our own life developing awareness and responsibility. We are always increasing our understanding of our freedom, what a powerful gift this is!

Rather than wallow in a pit of guilt and regret, decide to make better use of your freedom from this very moment! What’s done is now thankfully in the past, and you are free to start creating what you do truly want for yourself today.

About the Author

Lysa and Gina help women break free from dieting and emotional eating. They teach Intuitive Eating and how to get the Weight-Loss Mindset. Visit them at their website, www.lysaandgina.co.nz.

Have you moved past any guilt you may have had for accepting responsibility for your current health condition? Or are you still at this stage? It might help to share your struggles with us!

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