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It’s Healthy To Do Good

written by Head Health Nutter October 24, 2008

Last week for Blog Action Day, we covered how giving is healthy for you and helps complete a totally healthy lifestyle. If you’ll remember, the secret to making healthy living easy is to make it habit by consistently performing it everyday. So, I suggested one way to make kindness a habit is by performing small acts everyday.

 You can do this through this cool new kindness tool that I’m ecstatic to say I’m helping develop, www.dailychallenge.org. It’s a site that will transform the preconceptions of `Do Gooders’ and make it fun to spread love in your world.

 Interestingly, Google has just offered $10M to 5 world changing ideas through a contest called, Project 10 to the 100th! The timing is impeccable, wouldn’t you say? So we’ve applied to the contest and submitted a 30 second video. Please watch it and if you’re so inclined, pass it on to your friends.

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