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Introducing a Self-Preserving Technology

written by Head Health Nutter June 12, 2009

Preservatives and their negative effects on our health has been a hot topic for years. Just this week Live Lighter wrote about a Toronto Star interview with Alissa Hamilton, author of a new book questioning the health claims of orange juice manufacturers. But what if there were good preservatives?

USANA Health Sciences is a company that claims to have created such a thing! They have a line of skin care products specially designed with a truly unique, patented, self-preserving technology. If you have 7:30 minutes, check out this video of Dr. Regina Hamlin describing the science behind the Sense anti-aging technology:

UPDATE 2017: this video is no longer available.

For those of you who don’t have the time to watch the video, Dr. Hamlin says that preservatives are necessary as they increase the shelf-life of a product and kills bacteria, fungus and molds. But USANA solves the irritation caused by chemical preservatives with their self-preserving technology.

It’s made of purifying botanicals, anti-oxidants and active ingredients stabilized in liquid crystals that become the preservatives themselves, so the products stay fresh naturally.

So, Readers, what are your first thoughts on USANA’s Sense anti-aging technology?

If you’re ready to try USANA out for yourself, contact stephanie [at] livelighter [dot] org and I can hook you up with a trusted associate.

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Dee June 13, 2009 at 12:08 am

The closer a product is to Nature, the better I like it! I don’t want to apply harmful chemicals to my skin as it ultimately ends up in the bloodstream wreaking havoc on one’s health. So if USANA is able to produce a Natural Skin Care line that’s ANTI-aging too ~ and it doesn’t go rancid before I DO, or at least before I can use it up ~ I’m very open to trying it out! With the huge market out there, it’s often hard to differentiate the good stuff from the goop! But your endorsement adds credibility to this one, so I’ll be sure to take the time to watch the video this wknd for the full scoop. Thanks!

Stephanie Miller June 18, 2009 at 12:04 pm

You’re most welcome, Dee. Hope you enjoy the video and please come back and let us know your thoughts.


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