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Improve Your Sex Life with These Eating Habits

written by Guest Blogger August 4, 2013

Who doesn’t want more bootie in our lives? Today’s guest blogger, Allie, tells us how we can get some more lovin’ by changing our eating habits. 

For any adult man or woman sex is as an important as food. Having a good sex life is important for healthy living or else it can hamper the overall quality of your life. Today, however, our love lives have generally gone for a toss due to demanding work. We’re too stressed to feel in the mood; many of us have no energy or excitement left when we return home to enjoy a good sex life.

In addition, our eating habits have changed a lot from the past. Most of the people under high work pressure tend to eat unhealthy, mainly junk food. This unhealthy eating habit also affects our sex life to a great extent. However, if you improve your eating habits, you tend also to boost your sex life. Let’s check out how you can do so:

Improve your sex life with what eating habitsGood nutrition for a healthy sex life

In order to have a good sex life, a good intake of nutrition is required. For high sex performance in your life, you need 3 elements (nerve function, the unobstructed blood flow inside the pelvic area and hormonal levels) all in balance and functioning properly. To keep these systems in perfect working order, a good diet based on protein, grain products, legumes and complex carbohydrates (loads of vegetables and fruits) are important.

The most important foods include citrus fruits for good vitamin C sources, as it helps in strengthening the blood vessel walls and the low fat dairy products along with whole grains and fortified cereals. Lastly, green vegetables are best for riboflavin as it helps in maintaining the mucous membranes, which helps improve female reproductive tract  functioning.

Food rich in iron

Issues like depression and fatigue are among the worst enemy of a good sex life. They can ruin a relationship. Generally both of these conditions are linked together, which could be reduced by a proper regular exercise routine. Exercise helps in stimulating endorphin production, which boosts the brain chemicals that improve mood.

In some of these cases, the iron deficiency anemia can be the real cause behind the menace of fatigue. A diet having meat, shellfish, fish, seeds, nuts, fortified/enriched grains, cereals, leafy greens, dried fruits and legumes help in refilling the iron stores inside your body. A body with rich iron will definitely have a better sex life.

Zinc for high level zeal

According to studies, zinc is often linked with sexual function although its significance for a better sex drive is less known to people. Without sufficient amount of zinc levels in your body, sexual development could be hampered to some extent. Also, men too need zinc for producing good amount of sperm. The food that contains a good amount of zinc are generally from animal sources, which includes seafood (particularly oysters), liver, meat poultry, nuts, beans, eggs, whole grains and milk.

Increase Vitamin E levels in your body

You also need to consume a diet rich with Vitamin E. Though there are no official clinical studies vouching for this yet the healthcare and sex experts believe that the deficiency of vitamin E can ruin your sexual life. Hence eating things like nuts, green vegetables, seeds, wheat germ, margarine, oils, etc. can really boost up the sexual function in your body.

Curb Alcohol and Nicotine

Though wine can put you in a relaxed state and get you in the mood, at the same time it can also hamper your sexual performance. Having excessive alcohol can strip us of behavioral inhibitions, however, these effects can be nullified by the depressant effect present in it. Men who consume too much alcohol may experience impotence and lowering sperm count. Similarly, Nicotine too has as adverse effect over your sexual life as it is considered an enemy of arteries. It adds to the formation of atherosclerotic plaque inside your penile blood vessels, which constricts them to a point of possible impotence.

Final word

A healthy body is important to enjoy a good sex life, which is only possible if you keep up healthy eating habits. Developing good healthy habits by consuming the above listed foods can really help you have a healthy sex life.

About The Author

Allie is a blogger and contributes to punchh. She loves writing, travelling and reading books.

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Janet Sarandon August 4, 2013 at 4:32 am

This is very informative. I will definitely try all these tips. Good and healthy diet is really vital to enhance sexual energy. ;-D

Judy August 15, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Well, I never knew that your sex life could be effected by eating habits. I’m not sure where I heard this but about 60% women prefer being able to eat their favorite food than not having sex for a year. Maybe they haven’t been eating healthy so sex isn’t that great. Anyways great article.


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