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How’s Your TV Detox Going?

written by Head Health Nutter January 5, 2010

Happy New Year, Live Lighter Readers! This brand new year resonates with the promise of change and improvement. For those of us who balk at new year’s resolutions, we chose an alternative this year: The 2010 TV Detox. This is our first check-in!

We’re now 5 days into 2010 – have you begun your TV detox yet? If you haven’t, it’s not too late!

Check out this post to find out how it works and while some of you may not need a plan, others may so here are step-by-step instructions in creating your 20 minute TV Detox plan.

If you’ve started your TV detox already, watch this 1:16 minute video (see above).

*If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may see a white box rather than the video. I’m looking into how to fix this but for now, please access the video directly from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvThgVGo-5c.

Special thanks goes to Emmanuel Lopez – Motivatorman for contributing his video production and musical skills for this video! Please visit http://motivatorman.com/ to learn more about Emmanuel’s varied talents as an award-winning illustrator, motivational specialist and social media consultant.

For all of you readers out there:

Happy New Year! It’s Steph Miller, again, Head Health Nutter here on Live Lighter, a blog for people looking to lose weight naturally and permanently.

To update all the new viewers, January 1st marked the beginning of our new year’s resolution alternative, The 2010 TV Detox. Those of us taking this month-long challenge are replacing some or all of our TV time with other personally meaningful activities.

So… to all the TV detoxers, how’s it going so far?

If you’re having trouble turning off your TV or just can’t seem to get motivated in your other activities, please email me directly at stephanie [at] livelighter [dot] org for complimentary TV detox training.

Here’s a tip that may help some of you: track your TV time with a log. A simple notepad will do. Keep it by your remote control and every time you watch a program or movie, jot it down next to the date and how long it was.

This way you can be aware of how much TV time you’re watching and you don’t go over your prescribed detox limits!

Thanks for tuning in and I’d love to hear how your TV detox is going so please, let us know in the comments.



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