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How Yoga Helped Me Gain Self Confidence

written by Guest Blogger March 6, 2016

Yoga was recommended to me by my doctor when I went to see her about stress. Yoga has a multitude of benefits, including helping us gain self-confidence! Please enjoy today’s article by guest blogger, Amy Mia Goldsmith.

Have you ever suffered from low self-esteem? Like many young women today, I have – I was convinced that everybody else was judging me and I could not cope well with any kind of criticism. Now I know I took everything too seriously and too personally and that my looks and my ‘imperfections’ are not scrutinized by anyone else but me. How did I come to realize this? The answer is simple: yoga.

We all know that yoga brings numerous benefits, but we are not aware that it can also play a major role in helping us gain self-confidence. Here’s how:

1. Yoga Makes Your Body Fit

Many people are quick to assume yoga cannot do much for your figure, being a slow a static exercise in comparison to other forms of activities. I can say from personal experience that after a month of yoga and meditation, I had a more toned appearance. Yoga involves a lot of stretching, which elongates the muscles and defines them. And the breathing techniques in yoga provide more oxygen to your muscles, making you feel more energetic. All of this affects your self-confidence. For example, as soon as I start looking better, my self-image instantly improves, as well as my confidence levels.

To optimize your workout, it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed while doing yoga. That’s why you should invest in the right gym clothing that will provide the needed comfort. For example, I use and recommend Ryderwear training apparel which makes me feel good in my skin and allows me to stretch as much as I want to.

2. Yoga Helps You in Becoming Wholly Aware Of Your Limitations and Capabilities

Not everyone is capable of doing everything. If you fail in one thing that does not mean that you are a complete failure. Lack of self-confidence often makes us think that our limitations are downfalls. Yoga teaches us that we should accept our limitations since we all have them.

Yoga also teaches us is to know our capabilities. Low self-esteem often prevents us from even trying. Once you balance these two, your confidence will intensify. I remember years ago when i was struggling with the boat pose and thought that I would never master it. I could never stay in the position for the needed time. After i have let go of my insecurities and started practicing other positions, I realized that I did not have to master every pose all at once. And one day, i just did it. Simple as that.

3. Yoga Strengthens Your Mind

Through meditation and breathing, yoga helps us cleanse our minds from all the negative thoughts that accumulated over the years. Mental fatigue is often taken lightly, and it can lead to a number of issues, like depression. While you are strengthening your body on the mat, you are strengthening your mind for all the challenges that life brings. Once you know that you can deal with whatever comes your way, your self-confidence will increase and you will not be afraid to walk through life.

4. Yoga Can Improve Your Posture

Sitting or standing straight is half the way to looking good. Through yoga, you learn to be aware of your posture and correct it if it is not right. A straight back also help your organs function better when they are not compressed. With great posture, you will feel great and be more confident, too.

5. Relieve Stress that Can Lead to Poor Body Image & Eating Disorders

Preoccupation with physical appearance is one of the biggest challenges facing young women around the world. When we are stressed out, our self-criticism becomes even worse. This leads to poor body image, which leads to poor eating habits, which makes us feel worse, and the cycle is never-ending. Yoga promotes positive thoughts and self-acceptance, which lead to less stress and more self-confidence.

Do you lack self-esteem? Do you think yoga could help you?

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a biology graduate from Melbourne and a yoga enthusiast. You can contact Amy on Twitter.

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