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How We Eat Determines Health

written by Head Health Nutter November 5, 2008

The saying, “We are what we eat” clearly describes the science behind nutrition as well as its importance to our health. But it seems that some believe the way we eat may be just as integral to our healthy living pursuits.

 Last week’s Metro article, “Fast eaters gain more,” reported that Japanese researchers found a correlation between eating behaviour and weight gain. Apparently, those who ate fast and ate until they felt full were 3 times more likely to be overweight!

 The study, published in the British Medical Journal a few weeks ago, had a respectable pool of 3,000 volunteers. Researchers took measurements and asked questions about other factors, such as eating habits, physical activity and smoking.

 The importance of how we eat may not be news to some Live Lighter readers. Back in May, my Naturopath suggested several eating behaviours we could adopt to improve digestion. Basically, the answer is to put a little soul into it and eat consciously.

 So do you think it’s reasonable to assume that by just slowing down and really appreciating bodily nourishment, it may actually help in weight-loss?

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