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How to Use Spring to Achieve your Health Goals

written by Head Health Nutter March 20, 2008

Today marks the end of Nature’s long winter sleep and the reign of night. Welcome the first day of Spring ! It is also called the Vernal Equinox , when day and night are nearly equal. Everyday from now until the summer solstice, we bask in ever increasing daylight.

Spring is the time for new beginnings. The sun awakens the dead – so remember those New Year’s resolutions that you broke ? Well they were just hibernating, percolating in your brain until the right moment. The time is now to get what you want out of life.

Start at the Beginning

How will you get everything you want in this world without the energy and motivation to get it? Maybe you’re like me and believe health makes things easier , that it’s your oil for a smooth life. Maybe you’ve noticed that healthy people have something you don’t. Perhaps you are considering that health is worth the effort of going through a few growing pains of changing your lifestyle.

If you have these eggs lined up in a row (sorry, couldn’t help the Easter pun), it’s time to start moving from thought to action. But how? You need a plan. It’s good to have a goal and map out how to get there with many milestones in between.

Use Spring to Your Advantage: A Ritual

Over the next few days many people will be celebrating the season of fertility. Why not use it to your advantage and plant a few seeds of your own? If you worship nature, tonight is the best time to set aside an hour to be by yourself. But if you can’t, schedule it sometime over the next five days.

During this alone time, grab a piece of paper and outline what you want out of life. Really get into it and have fun! Be as grandiose as you wish. Now, how are you going to achieve all these goals? Through the strength of health, of course. But what is health ? Take a moment to define what being healthy means to you. Is it to have more energy to spend with your kids? A certain number of inches or pounds you want to lose, or increasing the time you can hold the plank ?

If you haven’t done your research yet and are unclear as to how you’re going to achieve these goals, that’s ok. For now, write down something you can change today that will bring you closer to health. Maybe it’s the decision to only have pop and chips on very special occasions, or once a week in small portions. Perhaps it’s a commitment to get outside for at least 20 minutes of walking everyday. By the way, Spring is the perfect time for daily walking because you can watch the trees bud and the different flowers bloom.

To end your ritual, meditate for about 20 minutes and imagine yourself with your health goals already achieved. Feel how youthful and carefree you are now! Picture yourself running circles around your kids and how you’re now the picture of reason with your significant other. You’re cool as a cucumber, energetic as a bunny (again, pun intended) and a lean, keen womanly (or manly) machine!

Then, all you have to do is start replacing those habits that will take you farther from your health goals with healthy habits. Give yourself three months, until the summer solstice, before you look for improvement. Try to simply enjoy the journey – which shouldn’t be too hard, it’s Spring!

The trick is to make healthy living a habit – and it won’t happen over night. If you falter, that’s ok. Nobody’s perfect. Just start again tomorrow and keep trying. And just to make it easier to stay on track, choose the healthier choices that still bring you joy…until you’re ready to move to the next level.

Welcome Spring! Welcome your new healthy life!

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