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How to Set Fat Loss Goals

written by Guest Blogger March 25, 2014

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results”

It’s still winter in many parts of the world and many are concerned about how to lose weight to look fascinating in their swimsuit. Regardless, it can be hard to make working out a habit.

One of the most striking features of losing weight is to pass the station: “I have to start it!”

To start, let’s get rid of the attitude: “I have to” or “I must.” Deal? Go from “I must” to “I want to do it by all means” and make a list of goals. Visualize what you want to achieve. Once you achieve each of the goals, cross them off your list and it’ll give you a sense of victory! For instance, if you wish to return to good shape, calculate how many pounds you want to lose and how much time you want to do it in.

A word of caution, though: focus on achievable results. Avoid wishing to look like skinny models; each lady has her own weight standard. Choose someone or something that coincides with your natural tendencies and visualize the results for yourself. For instance, you may have the potential body type of Halle Berry or Marilyn Monroe. Hang her photo somewhere to catch your eye constantly. This will remind you of your end goal and preferable appearance.

The most important part of your action plan is to focus on nourishment and begin (or continue) to eat healthy meals. Proper, healthy nourishment helps your body lose extra weight. Eat a wide variety of wholesome foods that agree with your digestion. You don’t have to forego all your favourite foods, but if they are processed, then limit them to once a week in small portions.

Create a healthy living schedule plan and stick to it. Your will and strong desire to lose weight are great helpers, but a training plan is necessary to the weight loss equation. If you can’t do a training schedule, ask for professional help from a personal trainer or someone knowledgeable in health and fitness.

If you are a hot-tempered person, you’ll probably lose the weight you want in 2 or 3 months. For some people, the desire to win may surpass the desire to lose weight, so if you’re competitive, capitalize on that to achieve your goals!

For any type of person, dreaming is a powerful tool. Take a few minutes everyday to pretend you’ve already succeeded: imagine how nice you will look in your favorite dress or in a bikini on a beach. This is the power of visualization and using your mind to control your body. Keep dreaming and eventually your body will catch up!

What is essential to your fat loss goals is to have a setback plan: don’t panic if you don’t achieve your wanted results in time. Keep in mind that you are on the right path, keep going, and you will eventually attain what you want.

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