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How to Overcome the Most Common Fitness Obstacles

written by Guest Blogger June 12, 2016

Most of us experience many obstacles when it comes to health and fitness – this is the main reason why I started this blog! In today’s article by Little Bloke Fitness, are tips to overcome the 5 most common roadblocks to fitness.

For most people, a relationship with the gym is almost as complicated as a relationship with a person. There’s love, frustration, satisfaction, and inertia, in equal measure. There are unconvincing excuses and more than a few wily avoidance tactics. In the end, just getting out to the gym can be a battle, never mind completing a proper workout.

Yet, the benefits of a carefully constructed and dedicated workout schedule are endless. Once you commit to spending enough time and effort on fitness, your body will start changing surprisingly fast. You’ll shed those troublesome pounds and see a leaner, more toned physique begin to take shape. In other words, the gains are most definitely worth the pain.

This guide to some of the most common fitness obstacles will show you how easy it is to overcome your workout limitations.

Not Enough Time

This is the most popular excuse not to work out. While our lives are much busier these days, a dedication to fitness is all about making time. And, to do this, you need a change in attitude. If you’re constantly approaching the gym as a chore and something that needs to be endured, you’re not going to try hard to fit it into your schedule. If you really can’t squeeze in a regular gym session, check out the equipment on offer at Little Bloke Fitness and start working out at home.

Getting Bored with Routines

The idea that fitness has to be something that happens at the gym is a common misconception too. While most people need that separation between home and workout space, one downside to this is the fact that it can get a bit repetitive. Even though commercial gyms are packed with equipment, we tend to use the same few machines every time. So, switching things up and working out with weights or resistance tools, at home, can be a positive change.

Lack of Confidence

It’s not just ladies who struggle with a lack of self-esteem at the gym. It can be a tough environment for newbies, because the equipment is unfamiliar and there’s always a steady stream of guys who are bigger and stronger than you. The thing to remember is that everybody starts from the bottom; even the brawniest bodybuilders were skinny guys and girls at one point. If you’ve tried the gym and you really can’t get over your confidence fears, working out at home can be an alternative option.

You’ve Failed Before

Something that’s often overlooked when it comes to fitness goals is the fact that failure is commonplace. You don’t get to have a perfect bod without a few slip ups along the way, because working out is a learning process. Failure isn’t the real enemy; it’s giving up. You could lapse and fail to turn up to the gym or workout at home for months on end. But, manning up and giving it another go is always going to be more useful than throwing in the towel, no matter how long it has been. Rectify your mistakes, instead of punishing them.

Choosing the Right Workout Equipment

Even if you do prefer to work out at the gym, it can be useful to have a few basic tools at home as well; things like weights, pull up bars, and exercise balls. Make sure that you buy your fitness equipment from a reputable retailer, because the quality needs to be very high for them to be safe and secure. These days, at home fitness equipment is more affordable than ever before, so spend some time browsing for products that suit you.

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