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How to Manage Stress & Live Lighter

written by Guest Blogger September 17, 2013

The effects of stress often undermine both our mental and physical health. Chronic stress can increase the risk of major health problems like depression, heart disorders and other metabolic disorders. But all is not lost! People can learn to overcome stress and lead happier, healthier lives.

If you‘re too stressed, the first step in overcoming it is to identify the cause. Stress may be caused due to factors such as family problems, pressure at work, financial problems or poor health.

Young woman resting on the grassHere are some tips to help you mange stress easily:

Prioritize your tasks

The most stressful days are those when you have a to-do-list as long as your arm. One of the biggest causes of stress is poor time-management. Set small goals and have some time for important tasks and meetings. Start completing the important tasks first. Postpone the less-important tasks to a later time. Also, maintain a checklist of important appointments or meetings so that you’re not late for them. This way you can balance time and work efficiently with minimal stress.

Ask for Help

Sometimes you may be stressed because you want to attempt to do everything yourself. Look for people around you whom you can trust and see if your kids are able to handle some of the easy tasks. Assigning responsibilities to others can help you reduce stress on yourself. This way you will have more time for relaxation.

Listen to music

If you’re in a stressful situation and you can do it, take a break and play some soothing music. Listening to classical music has a relaxing effect on the brain and body, can reduce blood pressure and lower the cortisol, a stress-related hormone.

Talk positively to yourself

One of the effective ways to mange stress is to say to yourself something positive like “it’s possible” or “yes I can,” as recommended by experts who talk about being positive in life. Doing so will definitely work in increasing your confidence and managing stress.

Connect with people

Look for people in your social circles with whom you can share your stress and who can help calm you. Take the support of your colleagues, friends and family members who offer a different way of looking at the situations causing your stress and help you solve problems. If you don’t share your thoughts with people, you won’t receive the help you need. Good relationships with people in your network are important to leading a healthy lifestyle. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can set everything right again.


Devote a portion of the day for things which make you relaxed. This could be something as simple as a few hours out in a nearby park, meditating or reading a book. By doing this you will certainly come back feeling quite refreshed.


Exercise has been proven to be an extremely effective stress buster. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean heavy workouts at the gym. Set aside some time out of your busy day to exercise, it really does help keep stress at bay. Simple exercises such as walking, swimming or biking releases endorphins which reduce stress levels. Exercise clears your mind and fills it with a lot of positive emotions. You can also perform simple exercises at your workplace. A short walk around the office or doing a few stretches during a break could bring you become more refreshed.

Sleep well

If you’ve stress-related problems, get a better sleep at all costs. When there is no other great way to deal with a stressful situation, it makes sense to provide enough rest to your body. Sleep allows your body to recover from stressful events. So, have a sound sleep and let your body and mind experience the freshness of a new day so you can start seeing things in a new way.

Laugh it off

Laughing is wonderful medicine for all illnesses and diseases. Laughing makes the body release endorphins that overcome stress, reduces blood pressure and improves your metabolic rate. Laughing tricks your nervous system into forgetting stress. Watching a funny movie or a comedy show can have a tremendously positive impact on your life.

Eat right

People who are stressed tend to eat more or do not eat at all. It is therefore important to have a nutritious diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet on a regular basis helps you combat stress. It is not good to have too much coffee, tea or sweets because these are stimulants which activate the nervous system. Instead, include lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables and salads in your diet to feel fresh and healthy.

Get creative

Engaging in a creative activity is another wonderful way to overcome stress. Get involved in painting, pottery or interior designing that requires creativity.

To combat stress, you simply need to follow these easy ways to manage stress. It is important to modify your lifestyle so you can be more relaxed, care-free and add more fun to your life.

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