How to Make Cinnamon Oil

by Head Health Nutter on October 3, 2009

On Monday we learned in Healthy Alternatives to Antibacterials that cinnamon oil has been proven to be an effective natural solution to commercial antibacterials. Since cost is a concern for many, this post is about homemade cinnamon oil.

In this 1 minute video by ehowgarden, Gabby shows us an uber easy, cheap way to extract cinnamon oil:

PLEASE NOTE: this article reports that cinnamon oil has induced acute poisoning, allergic reactions and epileptic seizures in some people. Be sure to test the oil on a small patch of skin (give yourself 24 hours to react) before full application.

You can also try diluting the cinnamon oil like in this creative hand sanitizing oil recipe published by which adds eucalyptus oil, lemon oil and almond oil to it.

Another method of extracting cinnamon oil, according to, is to simmer cinnamon sticks on the stove with olive oil.

Have you tried extracting cinnamon oil? How were your adventures and do you have a different method or recipe to share?

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How to make cinnamon oil


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