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How to Keep Your Metabolism Healthy

written by Guest Blogger May 13, 2015

I`m currently on a `fat furnace`diet and I`m actually loving it! I get to eat all the time! Check out how to build your metabolism in different ways, like your diet, and why in today`s post by guest blogger, Ariel Bellamy.

You know that little machine that turns all the calories we consume into energy? It’s called metabolism, and sometimes it requires some maintenance. You can’t expect it doing all the work while you’re lying on your back eating a hamburger.

If you want your calories converted to energy, instead to layers of fat, better roll up your sleeves and get to work. You’ll need to break some old habits and breed healthy new ones. By following some of the simple life saving hacks, you’ll provide your calorie-converting machine with a much needed boost.


Don’t skip meals

If you think that skipping a meal or two a day may cause you to lose weight, you’ve never been more wrong. In fact, skipping a meal may lead to a drop in your blood sugar levels, causing less energy and lethargy. You’ll be deprived for all the much necessary strength, which will, in the end, result with slowing down your metabolism. So, take that tip from your grandmother, and eat a couple of times a day. That doesn’t mean you should overeat, but eat smaller portions that are consistent with your metabolic type.

Balance is the key

There is some food that can decrease the efficiency of your metabolism, so you should steer away from it as much as you can. That includes sugar, caffeine, salt, alcohol, and food additives. Though eating big quantity of carbs may cause an energy boost, don’t be fooled, it’s just a current effect. What happens next is big energy crash. You should combine your food properly, and have a balanced entry of carbs, proteins and fat.

Workout routine

It can’t be all fun and no work. Of course you have to have some physical activities in order to help your metabolism create more energy. Slow workouts sometimes don’t cut it, so try with High-intensity interval training. There is a ton of supplements that can help you get the maximum out of your training, such as Legion pulse that may contribute to the overall results of your hard work.

The most precious liquid

Not coffee, not beer, not even milk. We’re talking about water. Gulping enough H2O is the simplest way of speeding up our digestion and burning those annoying calories. Not just those 8 glasses per day, it will take you more than that, to accomplish desired effects. Don’t wait for your thirst signal to go on, you don’t need a reminder to have a glass of water whenever you can.

A good night sleep

If you’re not getting enough sleep, change that habit, as soon as possible, because it may cause slowing down your metabolism. It takes just one night of lack of sleep to cause weight gain. It is because it makes you crave for fatty food and sugar. So, don’t let your body be sleep deprived, if you want to metabolize your food properly. Create a healthy habit of going to bed and getting up every day at the same time, and you’ll accomplish wonders.

In the end, the most pleasant tip of all: laugh a lot. Scientist found that 10 minutes of laughter per day results in calorie burning.

About the Author

Ariel Bellamy is known as a health encyclopedia among her friends – she loves to learn everything about every tiny secret process in our body and to do a differential diagnosis every now and then with her favorite character- Greg House, M.D.

My fat furnace is all about portion control and eating 5 times a day. The days I`m active or I train, I have (a bit) fattier protein (like steak vs. chicken) and just a few simple carbs, like a wrap. Sugar and caloric drinks are out (even juice! but caffeine (black, though) is ok. What do you do to maintain your metabolism?  

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