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How to Get Through Life’s Hurdles…With the Help Of The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

written by Guest Blogger October 25, 2011

Last week I posted a personal story in How to Overcome Adversity (and Attract What You Want). Today’s guest blogger, psychotherapist and author, Judy Belmont, writes about the very same thing using a metaphor to help us gain a new perspective on the trials and tribulations of life.

As we all know, life is not smooth and predictable. It has twists, turns and is full of changes. Although as a psychotherapist I hear many people say, “I don’t like change,” upon exploration, I invariably find that everyone actually welcomes change. But only on their own terms, how and when they want it, and when it is in their control.

Good Luck! Who has not experienced change and stress that they would not even wish on their worst enemy, never mind themselves!?

Enter: The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life: How To Get Through Life’s Holes Without Getting Stuck In Them! which is a whimsical yet informative book that has just been released by Mental Health Publisher, PESI.

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life uses the analogy of Swiss cheese as a metaphor for life itself. After all, life is not smooth and predictable like American or Cream Cheese. Rather, life has holes and it’s how you get through them that counts! In fact, it is the holes in our lives that give us depth of character and make our life rich in meaning, just as the larger the holes in the Swiss, the sweeter the taste of the cheese. Thus, we need holes in our lives to become who we are!

What are the holes in your life? How can you use the lessons learned as stepping stones towards a better future rather than wearing your mistakes, setbacks and failures as a cloak draped around you?

Your setbacks do not need to become your defining moments in your life that weigh you down and stop you from becoming the person you could be. If you set yourself free of the shackles of the past that no longer work for you and no longer define you, and get through the hole in your self-perception and come out on the other side, you will get a whole new perspective on life!

How about being defined not by your crushing defeats and disappointments but rather by your dreams and aspirations? One of the book’s chapter titles, in fact, is called, “Living whole despite the holes!”

How about every day writing down 5 things that you are grateful for, as positive thinking and gratefulness will help you through the holes in your life with a sense of humor and lightness. Optimism helps you give up bitterness, grudges and negative thinking that makes you stuck.

So go ahead, Smile and Say CHEESE!

About the Author
Judy Belmont, MS, LPC is a psychotherapist, national speaker, and is the co-author with Lora Shor, MSW of The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life: How To Get Through Life’s Holes Without Getting Stuck In Them! She is the founder of Worksite Insights, which offers workplace seminars to promote healthy change and healthy communication and productivity. She can be reached at JABelmont@theswisscheesetheoryoflife.com and visit her web sites at www.judybelmont.com and www.worksiteinsights.com.

Thank you, Judy, for letting us know about your theory and book. I’m curious to read it – the more we’re exposed to positivity and optimism (and ways in how to sustain them despite our challenges), the more we can embrace them into our daily lives! What do you think of this life theory, Readers?

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